3 safe outdoor team-building activities to enjoy in 2021
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3 safe outdoor team-building activities to enjoy in 2021

outdoor team-building activities
Written by Angela

We miss live team-building events: they are part of our working tradition and help us connect to our colleagues on multiple levels. We have enjoyed plenty of interesting and engaging digital experiences this year and we are grateful for the amazing technologies that allow us to interact remotely, but as the days get longer and hotter, we struggle to spend our leisure time online and we crave the warmth and fun of the outdoors. While we still have to be very careful when meeting others, we do believe there are a few team-building events that can combine safety and live interaction, social distancing, and the pure, simple pleasure of being in each other’s company. Check out our favourite outdoor team-building activities for this summer!

Hiking trails for amateur photographers

As far as outdoor team-building activities go, hiking is one of our favourites, because it does not require a great deal of preparation and can easily be organised at a short notice. Mountaineering or hiking works perfectly as a small challenge for the team, in that it is physically and emotionally engaging, but not too taxing. If your team includes amateur photographers, you could encourage them to bring along their equipment and organise a small contest to pick the best shot or even arrange for the best photos to be featured in an exhibition at the office (or on the company website, in case your entire workforce is still working from home). There are several options to make this activity entirely safe: you could ask your employees to maintain social distancing throughout the hike or you could offer them all a Covid test before leaving to your chosen hiking destination. Don’t forget to check with your local authorities to make sure this kind of activity is allowed in your area.

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If you live close to the sea or a river, you could consider kayaking as a team-building activity. This is a more socially distanced alternative to sailing, in that it does not require the participants to share a vessel to enjoy healthy competition. While it does require a modicum of fitness, it is still viable for absolute beginners, provided that you talk to a professional firm who can instruct your employee on how to steer a kayak and guarantee everyone’s safety at all times. Since boat trips will probably not be allowed this summer, individual vessels are among the few options that allow groups to enjoy competitive outdoor sports while maintaining social distancing. Depending on what’s available in your area, canoeing or rafting might be viable alternatives to kayaking. Some firms offer guided tours of natural wonders that can only be accessed by boat, such as sea caves and specific areas of natural reserves.

Bubble soccer

We have tried this on several occasions, well before Covid and social distancing, and we loved it. The same technology, as it happens, is being tested to allow people to attend concerts and other outdoor events. It is extremely fun to stand inside a large transparent ball and run around, bouncing off other players as you try to score a goal. Not only is social distancing guaranteed, but it is also possible to practice a “contact sport” with no risks for anyone’s safety, as the upper part of the body is shielded by the plastic bubble. Of all the outdoor activities that have surged in popularity due to the pandemic, this is probably the most popular among firms that used to have an office soccer or football team and that miss the shared experience of camaraderie and healthy competition of their weekly or monthly match.

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