Opportunità e implicazioni dei grandi eventi

Big Events: Opportunities and Implications

With the expression big event, we refer to an event of considerable importance that involves a very large number of people. These are events in which, for their success, many collaborators have to work together and in which the element of spectacularity is among the most essential ones. The visual impact is in fact the beating heart of a big event, especially if it is something that takes place for promotional purposes or that involves a ceremony for an important occasion.

An example of a big event can be a convention to which thousands of people are attending and in which important top-level personalities intervene such as great managers or political personalities of national and international level.

Every detail is important in a big event; it is in fact fundamental to be able to provide high quality services to a huge number of people. From an “artistic” point of view, for example, a great effort is required to ensure that the visual impact is strong and effective. Therefore, an adequate light design becomes an important factor. But also from a organizational point of view it is vital to dedicate a considerable effort; for example, in these situations, it is important to know how to manage a large flow of people directing the attendees around targeted areas.

A big event is often also a special occasion for the host city, especially if a flow of tens of thousands of people is expected. In these cases it is important, while cooperating with local institutions, to know how to manage any disposing policies of this extraordinary load on the city. But a large flow of attendance to a certain territory also translates into major economic opportunities; for this reason a big event is to be considered a benefit rather than a problem for the city that hosts it. A clear division of roles is essential when it comes to managing large flows of people. For this reason, a close dialogue between organizers, locations and authorities becomes fundamental.

For those who have the task of organizing it, a big event implies the management of an impressive budget and great responsibilities; our experience with prestigious clients such as Peugeot, Decathlon or the Italian Stock Exchange allows us to serenely face a situation of this type, guaranteeing results and total success.

We know it well: a big event, for a client, it is always considered as a special dream, a great hope of giving his business, a further new impetus and a fresh start to another extraordinary chapter.

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