Perché hai bisogno di un organizzatore di eventi?

Event Planner: what he/she does and how to become an event organizer

Each profession is made up of many different aspects and each company usually finds itself grouping different professionals. Not all the tasks that you have to perform can necessarily be carried out through the skills of your company’s staff, and this is why it may happen that you have to contact a financial consultant, a marketing agency or an event planner. The first two examples are intuitive: everyone is able to determine when it is time to contact an external consultant in matters of finance or marketing. But when do you actually decide that you need an event planner? Needs and circumstances vary from one company to another.

Some choose to manage small events, such as business meetings and corporate dinners, temporarily reassigning part of the internal staff, turning to an event organizer only for conferences and presentations. Others choose instead not to waste their energy and rely on an event organizer for all the needs related to this area, from Christmas dinners to corporate team building activities, from incentive travel to press days.

Organizing an event, on the other hand, is a complex profession that includes various specializations (for example, trade shows, conferences or team building projects). A great event planner needs to develop a set of knowledge and skills and a portfolio of contacts that allows him/her to creatively address a variety of situations or possible issues. This is a particular category of project management, characterized by a multiplicity of aspects that must be balanced and considered as a whole. Ranging from budget management to the selection of the appropriate location for each situation, from strong relations with suppliers and technical personnel to the management of contingencies and human resources. An event organizer must have in-depth knowledge of a number of parallel industries, such as catering, entertainment and tourism, to name only the most relevant.

Entrusting the realization of your project to an event planner will allow you to offer to the participants of your convention or the client you want to invite to a meeting a top quality service, which serves to combine productivity and comfort in an environment that meets not only your needs but also the values ​​of your company.

How to become an event planner?

More and more schools and universities offer training courses for event organizers, subdividing them according to specific categories (such as music, sport or fashion related events). However, experience teaches us that there is no academic training that can replace the direct practice of this fascinating profession. In fact, to understand how to become a professional in this sector, you must first of all know what an event organizer does. It is a versatile figure, who must know how to adapt to a thousand roles and different situations. The event organizer manages budgets and resources creatively, but must also be a skilled communicator, both in formal and informal contexts. In this profession, communicating means as much creating content for a website as knowing how to deal with a variety of suppliers and customers, manage staff and communicate with institutions when required. An event organizer holds as many tasks as there are unforeseen events that arise from putting oneself in new and changing circumstances.

How much does an event organizer make?

Like all creative professionals, the event organizer has the ability to access earnings that are more and more interesting as the events he manages get more complex. This means that this is a sector in which the apprenticeship and the acquisition of professionalism and a solid reputation are still of primary importance. Constantly demonstrating, over time, that you know how to manage increasing responsibilities and find intelligent solutions to transform unexpected events into possibilities, allows you to raise your prices substantially.

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