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3 tips to plan a successful virtual conference

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Written by Angela

How has your workplace changed over the past two years? We are prepared to bet you had to learn a few new skills and get accustomed to different ways of interacting with your colleagues and clients. If your company regularly hosts conferences and meetings, they have probably been moved online and you might have had to experiment with virtual events. How did you get on? How comfortable are you interacting in a fully digital environment? Many companies have now hired professionals to deal specifically with the organisation and management of virtual events. Some have outsourced this task and some are trying to manage it by reskilling or upskilling their team members. Have you tried to organise a virtual conference or are you planning to do so in the future? Then this guide is for you!

Set clear goals and stick to them

Virtual events are, like any new and unfamiliar tool, can be overwhelming and confusing at first. Many inexperienced organisers run the risk of getting overexcited and packing into any individual event more than it can possibly contain. Just like any other kind of event, however, a virtual conference needs to serve a purpose and, based on that, its whole structure should be built and organised. Before you make your first phone call or select a platform, contract a speaker or sketch a digital flyer, you should have a clear and defined list of goals that you want to achieve and against which you are going to measure the success of your event.

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Plan ahead and try to foresee the unforeseeable

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? When designing any event you should always have a plan B in case something goes wrong. A virtual conference is no exception. In this case, obviously, hiccups won’t come in the form of sudden weather changes or traffic jams, but rather as technical glitches on your side or one of your speakers’ side. How do you prevent that? In order to make everything run smoothly on your side, you need to choose a professional platform with reliable customer assistance, that can provide constant support before and during your event. Preventing technical faults on your guests’ side is more complicated, but scheduling multiple trial runs and making sure all of your panelists and speakers have the possibility of keeping the exact same setting on the day of the event is an excellent way to guard your conference against unexpected glitches.

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Find the best talent for your virtual conference!

Finding excellent keynote speakers is vital to any event, but when it comes to organising a virtual conference you will need to look for star speakers with a specific set of skills. Many outstanding professionals have found it hard to accustom themselves to the new reality of virtual interaction. Speakers who would normally establish an excellent connection with their audiences seem to be uncomfortable in an entirely digital setting. On the other hand, a lot of new and amazing talent is emerging, particularly because virtual conferences are allowing for the participation of many talented speakers who used to struggle to make physical events. Technology has enabled us to create a world in which people can give public addresses regardless of their ability to reach a certain place at a certain time. Suddenly, factors such as distance, disability, or travel bans are no longer relevant: communities can aggregate around shared interests and goals. Make sure you take full advantage of this!

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