Planning an art exhibition - our experience with Emilio Tini

Planning an art exhibition – our experience with Emilio Tini’s “Fantastiche Visioni Vol. I”

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Written by Angela

An art exhibition is a unique event: it creates an intimate and yet very public moment, in which the artist gets to unveil their vision, their inner universe to a privileged audience. The audience is privileged because it gets to experience the artworks directly, rather than seeing them reproduced on online and offline media, and the artist partakes in that privilege, in that they can interact with the audience directly and see what reactions the exhibited artworks incite. All in all, an art exhibition is a very special event, that needs to be planned carefully, down to the last detail. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with photographer Emilio Tini on his exhibition “Fantastiche Visioni vol. I”, a collection of portraits featuring actors, top models, writers, artists and common people in unusual and often abstract contexts. Each portrait projects a fragment of the photographer’s personality onto a whole philosophical idea of identity, or three-dimensionality and of the relationship between physical reality and the inner world of emotions. We worked with Emilio Tini to create a unique event, making sure his art was center-stage at all times.

Finding the right venue for your art exhibition

We visited a number of venues before we picked the central and beautiful Dante 14, a gallery in central Milan that combines minimalism with a distinct personality. When planning a photography exhibition, it is essential to make sure that each photo can speak for itself, tell its own story without being overshadowed by its context. Multiple works of art need to be able to “speak” to one another, creating a discourse, a journey of meaning and emotion, for the audience to join in. This is why the perfect venue for this kind of event is one that radiates simple elegance and grants enough versatility. This beautiful space in Via Dante is a masterpiece of minimalistic style, with simple geometries and a calming palette (white-washed walls and light-brown woodwork floor), but also tasteful details to suggest a distinct personality (its distinctive arch-shaped windows and dark columns with a classical vibe). This is the kind of space that allows the audience to immerse themselves in the story that is being told by the works of art on the walls.

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Using the space

Having the right space is not enough: for an art exhibition to be meaningful and impactful, it is necessary to make the best possible use of it. Each photograph needs enough space to “breathe” and to be appreciated for itself, as well as in the general context of the whole exhibition. The venue doesn’t have to be packed with images, but also it shouldn’t look empty. It is also essential to make sure that each and every photograph is appropriately lit so that it can be fully appreciated. In this instance, we created soft spots of light, illuminating every frame without creating too dramatic an effect.

art exhibition emilio tini space

An art exhibition is still an event

This means that the planning process should pay as much attention to the guests as to the works of art themselves. This exhibition, in particular, was set to be a memorable event, where showbiz and the art world were going to converge. Welcoming guests to such an event means providing a certain level of service, adequate catering, and staff, to make sure everything goes smoothly from beginning to end. The secret to successful catering and personnel managing at an event like this is to make both perfectly efficient and virtually invisible. Allow the guests (and the artist, of course) to shine, by providing them with everything they need, in a way that makes every gesture seem perfectly natural. In this context, presentation is everything. Each event is a show that needs to charm the audience, without revealing what goes on backstage.

Working with a great artist

Working with such a talented artist as Emilio Tini is a privilege for any event organiser. Not only we got to be a part of something unique – the presentation of a vast selection of beautiful photographs – but we were also lucky to work with a client who took an active interest in the organisation of the event and collaborated with our team, communication his vision clearly and informing the whole process and helping us communicate that unique mixture of the magical and the real that is the “Fantastiche Visioni” project.

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