Attend GECO Expo as a buyer to make your business stand out

Attend GECO Expo as a buyer to make your sustainable business stand out

Written by Angela

This year brought some good news and a few concerns: we all look forward to getting back to business as usual (whatever that means) and for the economy to start recovering, but we are still looking to the future with some apprehension. This new start presents us with several important challenges: we have been forced to step back from “normality”, to be inactive, to isolate and to ponder on the importance of what we had, as it is natural to do, once something gets taken away abruptly. This has prompted us to reflect on the kind of world we want to build. And it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – at least we hope it will be. How do we go on from here? What values should guide us as we rebuild our world and our society? Sustainability is the issue that has stood out against all others: we must create a sustainable economy and protect our planet and its resources if we want to keep growing and thriving as a species. These will be the core issues of GECO Expo, the first major virtual event focusing entirely on sustainability. Taking part in this trade show is an unmissable opportunity for companies and professionals from various industries. GECO Expo will take place online, from January the 28th to the 30th.

GECO Expo: no entrance fee for buyers

No steep entrance fees for buyers: this is probably the most revolutionary thing about GECO Expo. This is the first event of its kind to make attendance free for professional visitors as well as members of the public. The substantial reduction in organisational and logistical costs (compared to a traditional event) has allowed the organisers to make this trade show accessible even to SMBs, which normally find it hard to attend major international events, as they cannot afford tickets, particularly if they have to factor in travel, and accommodation as well. By registering as a Buyer, which is the most recommended option for professionals and SMBs, you will have access to several interesting features on the virtual platform on which GECO runs. For instance, you will be able to communicate directly with exhibitors, book and manage appointments in your calendar, and also enjoy privileged access to private consultancy and services. This is undoubtedly the ideal scenario for those who wish to explore new business opportunities and find potential partners for future projects.

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Sustainability is the key to future development

When we address sustainability, we often do so in terms of costs and difficulties. It is commonly thought, for instance, that the sustainable alternative to any product or service has to be more expensive even less effective than its “traditional” equivalent. What events like GECO Expo aim to do is show that sustainability is not only a necessity whose costs we have to bear but the key to economic development as well. In fact, in most industries, from tourism to mobility, sustainability-focused markets are growing. Consumer awareness is spreading exponentially and the environmental impact of products and services is increasingly a key consideration in the purchasing decisions of rapidly-expanding demographics. And that’s not all: we need to be aware of the fact that the so-called “Generation Z” puts sustainability at the core of its life choices, which means that unsustainable products are destined to be progressively deserted by future consumers.

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Why should a small company attend GECO Expo as a buyer?

Attending GECO Expo as a buyer means projecting yourself into the future, regardless of company size or budget, and allowing your business to grow and access new markets. We are all facing unprecedented challenges and we need to work together on making our future sustainable from both an environmental and an economic point of view. Sustainable development is the only way forward.

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