Best workplaces for Italian Millennials - hi-tech, sustainable, flexible

Best workplaces for Italian Millennials – hi-tech, sustainable, flexible

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Written by Angela

Italian millennials are a troubled generation. They have lived through more crises than their parents, but seem to be less resilient than their children or younger siblings and, most of all, they are suspended between the expectations of the former generations and the reality of a rapidly changing society. How does this translate in terms of occupational prospects? The crisis of 2020 hasn’t helped, of course, and yet opportunities seem to be on the rise again, thanks to the Country’s startup scene, which seems to be bouncing back rapidly from the setbacks of the past year. What are the best job opportunities for millennials in Italy?

What millennials need to find in the workplace

Millennials have long since accepted that the occupational scenario they were brought up on is no longer viable. The idea of getting a job immediately after graduating and keeping it for the rest of their lives, while steadily progressing upwards in the workplace hierarchy seems laughable to them. Since stability is rarely an option, they have turned to other values and criteria when it comes to assessing the desirability of a position or a workplace. They tend to prefer short-term goals and value growth over long-term security. While they don’t necessarily need to identify fully with their company’s core values, there are aspects on which they are unwilling to compromise, such as inclusivity and sustainability.

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Tech startups are the perfect workplace for Italian millennials

Tech startups rank pretty high among the list of ideal workplaces for Italian millennials. There are plenty of reasons for the ongoing love story between this generation and the tech industry. It is partly a question of skills and experience, of course, but the flexible and informal work environment plays a significant part too. Millennials are no longer kids by any stretch of the imagination, but regardless of age most of them don’t see themselves as destined to a “traditional” desk job in the sense that their parents and grandparents intended. Working for tech companies that evolve rapidly and require them to acquire new skills provides the kind of challenge they feel comfortable with.

From conscious consumers to conscious employees – the importance of sustainability

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for millennials. They might not be as universally committed to it as Gen-Zs, but they take into account how sustainable products are before buying them, and, increasingly, they look at a company’s sustainability policies before considering applying for it. Therefore, companies that offer sustainable workplace practices, as well as companies whose core business has to do with sustainability (from micro-mobility to renewable energy) are extremely popular and desirable employers among Italian millennials.

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