Creative seeding boxes: how we replaced press launches

Creative seeding boxes: how we replaced press launches and made them better

creative seeding boxes
Written by Angela

Many aspects of our economy have been affected by the pandemic. Practically all areas of our professional lives have undergone radical changes. We have spent almost all of 2020 designing solutions to help our clients keep their businesses running, but also grow, keep developing their brands in the marketplace and identify new directions and strategies for the near future. One of the formats we are most proud of in this respect is our creative seeding boxes, which have effectively replaced press presentations for many new products. We told you about our first experience with this exciting new format and today we are happy to present a new project we have created for Aveda, one of the brands that have accompanied us in our exploration of a new marketing approach in the age of digital events.

Press days in the pandemic era

At the heart of this successful marketing experiment is an understanding of one important element: the ubiquitousness of the sense of paralysis that has engulfed the economy. It is easy for a company to focus on its own losses and difficulties and forget that all other market players, including the media, are in the same boat. The first thing to do to create positive synergies is to open up to others, come to each other’s aid, help each other solve problems, and find new ways of collaborating. A practical example? Industry journalists, who normally work with brands by attending press launches for new products, are unable to do their job in the absence of events. Designing a solution that gives them access to the most important industry news they might want to cover, preferably with quality experiences, is a great way to collaborate, help each other and, at the same time, make your product stand out from the competition.

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Aveda creative seeding boxes

The journalists and bloggers in our network, unable to attend a traditional press day, received a very special gift: the Aveda creative seeding boxes. No beauty expert can resist such a gift. Exclusive products to try out and review, as well as branded gadgets to make the recipient of each package feel special, pampered, and cared for. In the case of Aveda, there is also another aspect to consider: this is a sustainable brand and has incorporated this element into its identity, not only by choosing sustainable, natural ingredients for its products, but also promoting an environmentally aware approach, respectful of the ecosystems and the communities are involved in or touched by the production chain. For this reason, to promote the Nutriplenish line, we used creative fair-trade seeding boxes from Africa and including a few special gifts. In addition to the branded products and gadgets, we also added some all-natural treats for the recipients to enjoy such as dried fruit, pomegranate jam, and organic juices. We also provided an ‘ecocup’ with a beautiful and fragrant lavender plant.

It’s all about feeling special

These small details make all the difference. Receiving a product to review, for a blogger or journalist, is quite normal. But receiving a gift, a little treat, a well-designed gadget, or a plant to decorate their home or office space turns the whole experience into a special occasion. When organising such an event, it is also important to follow up, encouraging press representatives to share that special moment. This is why it is essential to always plan a social campaign to accompany the shipment and have your hashtags ready.

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