Do you need a workation? Italy is the best place to go!
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Do you need a workation? Italy is the best place to go!

Written by Angela

What follows naturally after almost two years of working from home? A workation of course. Freelancers and digital nomads around the world are pretty amused at this point, having spent years trying to tell the rest of the world that not everyone needs a traditional workplace and that there are hundreds of jobs that can be done just as well in an office or on a terrace by the sea. The big news this year is that workations are no longer just the prerogative of digital nomads: thousands of people who have been “office-bound” all their lives suddenly start to question that system and seem unwilling to go back to it. Are you planning a workation? We have a few tips for you. And yes, you guessed, we think Italy is the perfect destination!

What is a workation?

Like many newly-created terms, “workation” does what it says on the tin. It’s a vacation that does not require you to take time off from work because you can take your work with you. If the tools of your trade amount to nothing more than a laptop with internet access and your own brainpower, there is no reason to carry out your daily tasks from an office or from home, when you could be doing it while chilling by a pool, by a lake, on a mountain, or a terrace overlooking a beautiful Italian city. All of which is going to be possible this summer, as the Country reopens. This is especially true now that we have proven to everyone’s satisfaction that meetings don’t require sharing a room, they just require turning on your microphone and webcam. And that, as long as you get the job done, it is nobody’s business whether you achieved that in a suit after a bus ride, in your pajamas before your first coffee, or a swimsuit on an Italian beach.

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Choose your destination

Where should your workation take you? Italy, of course, but the choice of destinations is so vast that you might get stuck picking just one. Considering the complex times we are living through, you should start by checking what specific restrictions, if any, apply to travellers from your Country of residence and, ideally, you should get a European Green Pass (a document proving that you are either fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid). In some cases, if you can’t do that, you might be required to quarantine or get tested repeatedly. When you pick your destination, make sure you know the rules in advance and know how to abide by them. When it comes to deciding what kind of destination looks most attractive to you, Italy will leave you spoilt for choice. The good news is, you can basically have it all! Because of its unique geography, Italy packs incredibly diverse landscapes within relatively short distances. You might be enjoying a spectacular view of the sea at the Cinque Terre in Liguria in the morning and dine in Pisa on the next day. Wherever you are in Italy, you will never find yourself more than a few hours away from the sea, a mountain, or a spectacular city with a rich history, unique art, and the best food you can imagine. Check out our guides for ideas on the best Italian destinations!

Hotels, flats, or B&Bs?

The kind of workation you take, of course, depends on your budget and your preference. Staying in a hotel will inevitably be more expensive and subject you to more social-distancing measures than renting an apartment for a short period, but it may be more comfortable. On the other hand, vacation flats allow for greater independence and most of them now come with hotel-like services, such as high-speed internet, weekly cleaning, and local support (such as city guides, local sim cards, and the equivalent of a concierge on call to help you sort out daily problems and little inconveniences).

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