Event venues in Italy are in high demand. Find the perfect one!

Event venues in Italy are in high demand. Here’s how to find the perfect match

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The event industry has changed dramatically over the past two years, overwhelmed by the worst crisis in its history. As the whole Country restarts, curfews are lifted and restrictions are loosened, however, the demand for event venues in Italy is skyrocketing: companies are eager to go back to sharing knowledge and making plans in person, brands reach out to their audiences and people are hungry for mingling and live entertainment. Finding the perfect venue has never been more important. If you are planning an event in Italy this summer, this post is for you!

Do event venues still have to follow Covid rules?

The short answer is yes because everyone does. The long answer is: check with your local authorities and see what rules will be in place on the date of your event as for masks and social distancing. Your best bet is to pick an outdoor venue or at least a venue with plenty of outdoor space. This might be the wisest choice anyway, in the summer, but this year it is particularly important because the limitations on the number of attendees for indoor venues are stricter. You are no longer required to hire a Covid manager, but you may need to register attendees for contact-tracing purposes. You will also need to sanitize the premises before and after the event and encourage your guests to maintain social distancing.


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Don’t compromise on style!

Finding a venue for your event, however, can’t be exclusively about safety: you need style as well. You need a venue that reflects your brand values and adds to the atmosphere of your event. There are plenty of beautiful event venues in Italy to match virtually every style: are you planning a corporate meeting for a tech firm? A rooftop in central Milan might be the ideal place for you. Celebrating the anniversary of a historic brand? Choose the patio or inner garden of a XIX Century building to convey a sense of timeless elegance. If you need inspiration, check out these amazing outdoor venues we tried for you!

Are you making your event hybrid?

Even though events are restarting in Italy, your international audience may still have trouble travelling, particularly if they reside in high-risk zones, and travelling to Italy requires them to quarantine. The fact that not everyone was able to get a vaccine yet or not everyone has access to it, however, should not be a reason to leave a part of your attendees behind. Hybrid events will allow you to integrate the real-life event experience your audience is craving with an extended option for those who wish to attend remotely. Both audiences will be able to interact and be an active part of the event itself. If you are planning a hybrid event, you should specifically look for event venues in Italy that provide or allow for the kind of technical support required to enable remote attendee access. Make sure to contact a hybrid event organiser to help you find the best venue and set up the technical infrastructure you need to make your event a success!

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