Events, travel, and trade shows: Italy is reopening , this time for good!

Events, travel, and trade shows: Italy is reopening and finally leaving the pandemic behind

italy is reopening
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Some hesitate to say it out loud, but it would seem a celebration is in order: Italy is reopening, this time for good! The lowering of the infection rate and the progress of the vaccination campaign in Italy are allowing for gradual re-openings that will allow the events and travel industry in the country to start building back better. The much-discussed curfew was moved from 10 to 11 pm at the end of May, then to midnight on June 7th and it will be lifted completely on June 21st, which constitutes a major step forward for all activities that mostly take place after sunset. Restaurants have also been allowed to resume indoor service as of June 1st. Events, travel, and trade shows will follow.

The way back to “normal” life: what this means for event planners in Italy

Sporting event organisers have been able to go back to work. As of June 1st, outdoor and indoor sporting competition can once again take place in front of an audience, provided that the venue occupancy does not exceed 25% of its capacity and, in any case, that the number of audience members is kept below 1000 for outdoor events and below 500 for indoor ones. Trade shows are allowed to reopen as of June 15th, while conferences and large parties (such as wedding receptions) will be allowed to resume on July 1st. Event organisers and service providers have been waiting to go back to work for nearly two years now: the entire industry is hyped up and ready to hit the ground running.

italy is reopening

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The “green pass”: Italy is reopening and travel across Europe is resuming

The so-called “green pass” will be required for access to indoor events and services, as well as travelling between regions. The “green pass” is a certificate stating that the person has been fully vaccinated or has recovered from Covid. Those who can’t produce said pass will have to show the negative result of a swab carried within the last 48 hours in order to be allowed to travel or be admitted to events. This is a practical and effective way of allowing the events industry to restart while ensuring everyone’s safety and not jeopardizing the results of months’ worth of lockdown and the Country’s vaccination programme. Meanwhile, at a European level, work is being done on a similar certificate that would allow vaccinated and fully-recovered people to travel without restrictions between EU countries. The certificate can be requested after receiving the second dose of vaccine, or, in the case of those who have successfully recovered from Covid, written by a family doctor or a hospital. Those who carry out a rapid molecular or antigenic test can ask the facility carrying out the swab to issue a 48-hour green pass for a negative result.

italy is reopening

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