GECO: a virtual trade-show to relaunch the tourism industry

GECO: a virtual trade-show to relaunch the tourism industry

Written by Angela

The Italian tourism industry has undoubtedly been among the most affected by the global health and economic crisis, but it is also one of the most resilient industries in the world and it has unmatched potential when it comes to innovation and creativity. To contribute to the relaunch of this industry, we have designed an innovative, sustainable, immersive and entirely virtual event, which will allow professionals and companies to meet and promote themselves, and travellers to discover the extraordinary offer available to them. GECO will be an international trade show, open to the public, supported by local and national government bodies, and promoted by major firms in the tourism industry. We want to turn this crisis into an opportunity to rewrite the future, talking about all the issues that the industry will have to tackle in the years to come: responsible tourism, sustainable mobility, renewable energy and all the ways in which technology can be integrated into our experiences to help us bounce back.

What is GECO?

GECO is the first major Italian online trade show and was created to relaunch the national tourism industry, with particular attention to sustainability issues. Naturally, we have relied on our new platform, Hypersmarter, which allows us to recreate the experience of a traditional trade show, for our attendees to enjoy from the safety of their laptops and their smartphones. Within the trade show’s entirely digital environment, visitors can move around realistic and functional virtual rooms, setting up stands, meeting areas, and all the other spaces that a trade-show venue usually provides.

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Gamification, networking, interactivity: this is the future of big events

Participants will be able to move within these sophisticated 3D environments using customizable avatars, through a simple and intuitive interface, just like in a video game. We wanted to create an experience that would do more than just help people connect. We wanted it to be fun and surprising in itself. Visitors will be able to explore the stands and interact with each other, creating networking opportunities (exchanging content and business cards or chatting via individual or group chat/calls). Gamification transforms a trade-show visit into an exciting journey, forever changing the way we organise business events.

The future is here to stay

We don’t believe in temporary solutions. GECO is not just an experiment for this period: it is the way we want to carry out major events from now on. Virtual trade shows are not a temporary solution limited to the current crisis. In fact, event organisers and professionals of all industries are finding that they can no longer do without them. How many business events have we missed, over the years, because they were held in places too far away and attending them would blow our budget? An event like GECO has no geographical limits: anyone can participate, without incurring heavy travel expenses or having to ship bulky and expensive materials. You can experience a rich and stimulating event without leaving your office or your couch. Incidentally, this allows the whole industry to cut down on travel-related CO2 emissions.

Who is this event intended for?

GECO aims to connect thousands of tour operators, providing new opportunities bot to companies that have suffered the repercussions of the economic crisis and to newly established companies, as well as established brands hoping to project themselves towards a future of sustainability and responsible, immersive tourism. The primary target is travellers, more than tourists. We want to reach those who experience travel as a transformative experience, who choose to immerse themselves completely in the culture and traditions of the place they visit, to respect the surrounding environment, and to support local products. We strongly believe sustainability to be the future of tourism and the integration of virtual experiences to be the future of events. For this reason, we have gathered the most advanced technologies and professionals in the industry, to create an event that – we are sure of it – will mark the relaunch of the Italian tourism industry.

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