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GECO EXPO launches second edition: what’s new

Written by Angela

The second edition of GECO EXPO has officially been launched: the Italian virtual trade show for sustainability and green innovation will take place from March 1st to 4th 2022 and it will offer its visitors, exhibitors, and buyers an even richer and more interactive platform than last year. The collaboration between Milan-based agency Smart Eventi and Hypersmarter (one of the most advanced virtual event platforms in Europe) is continuing to bring forth innovative experiences for event attendees, combining the latest in digital tech with years of experience in the event industry, to create a unique UX, recreating the thrill and effectiveness of immediate interaction in an immersive 3D environment. This, of course, is particularly fitting for a sustainability-focused trade show, since it allows exhibitors, buyers, organisers, and attendees to meet and make a difference without having to travel and therefore without producing CO2 emissions. What can you expect from this year’s edition?

Who will be attending the second edition of GECO EXPO?

The crowd at the first edition was pretty diverse and the organisers are aiming to build and improve on that. The second edition of GECO EXPO is already calling for innovative startups to pitch their disruptive ideas to an audience of government representatives, private companies, influencers, journalists, travel bloggers, sustainability experts, scientists, and potential customers. This event is all about networking and creating meaningful connections.

Thematic areas

What will professionals, exhibitors, panelists, and attendees be talking about? The whole event will be organised around five main themes: Circular Economy, Sustainable Tourism and the MICE industry, Renewable Energies, Eco-food, Mobility & Business Travel. Since this is an international event organised by a European company, there will also be plenty of space to discuss all topics related to the goals set by the EU for the Green New Deal.

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Why go virtual?

The pandemic has boosted the process of global digitalisation, highlighting the perks of virtual events in terms of affordability, sustainability, and convenience. And while hybrid events are likely to be the preferred option going ahead, the first edition of GECO EXPO proved that making international events entirely virtual allows small and medium businesses to join in the kind of conversations that they would normally be barred from. This creates a richer dialogue and exchange that inevitably benefits the whole industry. Hence the decision to go 100% virtual for the second edition.

Buyers and attendees get in free!

Free admission is one of the features that make GECO truly unique. Admission is not just free for attendees, but for buyers as well. Both will be able to attend webinars, interactive presentations, and panels, but buyers will also be allowed to book appointments with exhibitors to discuss business opportunities. This was a bold choice in the first edition, and it proved to be extremely popular among innovators, startuppers, and young creative professionals looking to connect with companies that were making a difference in their respective fields, sustainably.

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