GECO Expo: the online sustainability summit you need to join this year
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GECO Expo: the online sustainability summit you need to join this year

Written by Angela

The GECO Expo, the first major online event dedicated entirely to sustainability, is drawing near and we can’t wait to join the crowd of professionals that will attend it. Many exhibitors, buyers, and visitors have already registered and new activities are getting added to the programme. In addition to networking and meetings with potential business partners, which will be made possible by the interactive platform Hypersmarter, there are also several scheduled events, such as webinars, round tables, and smart talks. All these sessions aim to investigate sustainability issues in various areas of interest, such as tourism, the energy market, and mobility, encouraging debate among professionals and offering interesting food for thought and discussion.

The GECO Expo round tables: three days of debates and panels

The round tables scheduled for the three days of the GECO Expo, from January the 28th to the 30th, will see the participation of excellent professionals from different industries, coordinated by carefully selected experts. Among the topics that will be discussed are energy transition, sustainability in the travel industry (both in business travel and tourism), new forms of mobility, and smart cities. We will explore aspects of individual industries such as experiential tourism, including all the trends that have emerged in recent years, but also the feasibility of sustainable digital transformation. We will discuss how new technologies can help us create a more environmentally friendly society, as well as the strategies needed to ensure the development of companies that operate in these industries and choose to do so in an environmentally conscious way.

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Smart Talks

Another format that sparked the enthusiasm of our attendees is the “Smart Talks Challenge“, culminating in an award to be assigned on the 30th. Smart Talks are three-minute videos, through which participants in the competition can promote their projects. The projects submitted will need to address the issues of sustainability and biodiversity, but within these guidelines, a certain amount of freedom is left to the contestants. The themes can be developed from the perspective of individual daily practices, urban landscapes, tourism choices, company policies, and so on. The submissions will be judged by a jury of sustainability experts from different professional backgrounds. Participation in the Smart Talks Challenge, as well as registration at the GECO Expo for buyers and visitors, is free of charge.

Why participate in the GECO Expo

The GECO Expo is designed to meet the needs of different types of visitors. For small companies, it will be a unique opportunity to participate in a large international trade show without having to face the steep costs often associated with this type of event. For professionals and stakeholders in the aforementioned industries, it will prove an essential tool to get in touch with innovators and developers of new technologies, which can revolutionise professional practices and production processes, but also with potential partners, customers, and suppliers. Startuppers and green tech companies will find it the ideal platform to make their ideas and projects known, look for investors, explore open innovation options, and meet colleagues from different fields. For the environmentally-aware members of the public, the GECO Expo will be a chance to keep up to date with the latest “green” trends and to get an idea of what the future might hold.

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