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5 Italian startups to watch out for in 2018

Written by Angela

We want to get ready for 2018 by taking a closer look at the most promising new actors in the Italian startup scene. The lively and ever growing ecosystem that has been developing over the past decade is drawing an increasing number of international investors. Venture capitals are often attracted to highly innovative startups, of which there is no shortage in Italy. It’s not been easy to narrow our selection down to five: there are dozens of new startups being founded every year, many of which can be said to be revolutionary in their own field. Some of the startups listed in this article were financed for over a million Euros and scaled up, while others could go to market on a much tighter budget. Some of them are aimed at the B2B market and some are marketed directly to the general public. What they all have in common is the solid foundation of their original project, which makes us sure we will hear more about them. If you are planning on investing in the Italian startup ecosystem, watch out for these five potential unicorns.

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