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Languages you didn’t know were spoken in Italy

languages in italy
Written by Angela

When you think of Italy, chances are you are not thinking of a multilingual Country. This is quite a common misconception, given how most Italians often forgot that they live in a country in which multiple languages are spoken. As it happens, only six Italian regions out of twenty are monolingual, meaning they have no officially recognised linguistic minorities and it is esteemed that approximately 5% of the population does not consider Italian to be their native language. This is the result of centuries, if not millennia, of contacts and clashes between different civilisations, from the Turkish invasion of the south-eastern regions, to the Norman conquest of Sicily, from the disputes over the attribution of some of the northern regions of the peninsula to the mass migrations of the past three centuries. This constant contamination resulted in a wealth of linguistic identities, that has been recognised in recent years as a tremendous asset, opening new channels for intercultural communications. There are approximately seventeen different linguistic groups in Italy, not including dialects, but in this post we are going to focus on four of the larger communities and their languages.

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