Outdoor team-building activities for the summer of 2021
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Outdoor team-building activities for the summer of 2021

team-building activities for the summer
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Are we getting back to normal? Sure, we still need to be careful, protect ourselves and others and avoid taking risks, but finally, thanks to the progress of the vaccination campaign, we can start to rethink our future and above all spend time together, organising events. After a year and a half of working from home, many companies are approaching us because they need team-building activities for the summer to get employees out of their home confinement and back to working as a team. Never before has there been such a need to meet again, to celebrate the joy of being together, but also to rediscover how to interact with others. Prolonged isolation has accustomed us to a very sparsely populated professional universe, with virtual faces on little screens and mediated interactions. To really get back to normal, we need to remember that we are social animals, but some people need time to readjust. For some it can be downright traumatic. That’s why, during the summer, we’ll be creating lots of new team-building programmes to help those coming off months of home office to get back into the swing of things. Naturally, we’ll be choosing mainly outdoors games and sports designed to ensure the safety of all participants. Here are our team-building activities for the summer of 2021!

Outdoor team-building activities for the summer of 2021

Treasure hunt: rediscovering a classic

Treasure hunts are not a recent discovery for us. For years, this has been one of our favourite summer team-building activities. Our clients love it as well. Flexibility is undoubtedly one of its strengths: this is a versatile format in which dynamics can easily be created to meet specific company needs and brand values. In our version of this summer classic, contestants are provided with iPads to use for orientation, with maps and the possibility of interpreting interactive clues. One of the best aspects of this activity is the possibility to make each experience unique, for instance by basing the clues on the discovery of local attractions and traditions. This is the right activity for those who want to improve the quality of teamwork, team bonding and problem solving. It is also extremely easy to ensure safety, as the whole event can take place outdoors.

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Let off some steam with soft-air

Soft air is the ideal activity for this moment in history. We are tired, frustrated, often nervous: isolation has been very traumatic for some people. A sport such as soft air enables us to release some healthy aggression in a safe and controlled environment. It’s fun, thrilling, engaging and can be adapted to different corporate needs. Perfect for developing tactical and leadership skills, soft air seems to be tailor-made for safety in the immediate aftermath of a pandemic: not only gloves and a masks are required, but also helmets and goggles. Most soft air spaces are outdoor areas in the vicinity of disused buildings, which make it possible to recreate different combat scenarios. The only safety precaution required at this time is to disinfect all equipment before and after use.

Sailing with your team

Summer by the lake or the sea? Yes please! In Italy, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to lakeside or seaside destinations. That’s why we always offer our clients the opportunity to organise sailing bootcamps as team buildings in the summer. This is a perfect activity to improve group dynamics, as it is based on the importance of hierarchy and the appreciation of each individual in the uniqueness of his or her task, but above all the satisfaction of the collective effort that leads to a common result. In addition, choosing this team-building activity will allow you and your team to discover some wonderful corners of Italy. It is also a sport that guarantees the safety of participants, as it takes place in the open air and requires everyone to occupy a fixed and precise position on board

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