Rolling down the Mincio: territorial marketing to relaunch tourism
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Rolling down the Mincio: a territorial marketing campaign to relaunch tourism

Written by Angela

The tourism industry has never experienced such a severe crisis as the one that followed the pandemic. It is not just tour operators who are suffering, but also whole territories, which now need to relaunch themselves in view of what we all hope will be a new season of global recovery. We still don’t know when we will start travelling again, but we do know we intend to do it sustainably. This is why our agency accepted the call from Unipli Lombardia (an association dedicated to promoting the local territory) to devise a campaign to relaunch the area along the River Mincio as a tourist destination. This is the kind of territorial marketing challenge we love: promoting a charming region that most tour operators ignore entirely and of whose existence most domestic and international tourists are unaware. How could we resist?

Territorial marketing to relaunch sustainable tourism

Some say there are too many famous tourist destinations in Italy. This may well be the case: the sheer wealth of natural and artistic treasures in the Country makes it almost impossible for the average tourist to be aware of what some call the “minor” destinations. This is the case of the area around the River Mincio, in the province of Mantua: a haven of uncontaminated nature, culinary wonders, and biodiversity, in a part of the region that is famous above all for its contribution to the local economy, thanks to its rice production. We, therefore, chose to create a tourism package focusing on all these elements of the territory, creating a complex and exciting experience for the discerning traveller.

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Rolling down the Mincio. Rice, Stories, and Tourism

To promote this territory, we created a bespoke format and graphic identity, to be enhanced by a promotional video and a dedicated website. The choice of colours and atmospheres reflects a precise theme: an appreciation of nature and tradition, resulting in a welcoming sense of warmth and familiarity. The actual tour package includes several themed tours, focusing on food and wine, local history, or romantic atmospheres. We also made sure the project was exhibited during GECO, the first major sustainability-themed trade-show in Italy, which had a very specific focus on tourism.

Cycling tours

One of the perks of these tourist itineraries is the presence of multiple cycling routes through the parks around the River Mincio. Cycling tours always take in local restaurants and producers, creating a sensory and emotional experience encompassing culture, tradition, food, and nature. Of course, many local recipes are rice-based: this province is home to one of the world’s most flourishing rice cultivations, combining cutting-edge technology with traditional methods.

A new era of Italian tourism

The type of tourism that this territorial marketing operation intends to promote is designed to offer culturally complex and rewarding experiences to travellers, allowing them to immerse themselves in the beauty of secret destinations that mass tourism usually ignores. This kind of tour package is meant for a specific target audience of conscious travellers, who care about sustainability and want to get to know the places and cultures they explore. They are not looking for standardised experiences, but rather for something special: they hope to return from their trip with a greater awareness of the world and having completed a path of personal growth.

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