The second edition of GECO EXPO will unveil the future of sustainability

The second edition of GECO EXPO will unveil the future of sustainability

Written by Angela

Organising GECO EXPO was a wonderful challenge. The events industry was hit hard by the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic. Many companies reacted by defending and preserving what they had, essentially trying to exert damage control. An understandable choice, of course, and yet we wanted to do the exact opposite: we chose to “counter-attack”, to experiment, to create something completely new, working with what our renewed circumstances offered, rather than waiting for things to go back to some sort of “normality”, whatever that used to mean. It was undoubtedly a gamble and today we can say that it paid out: organising the first major virtual trade show dedicated entirely to sustainability, within an interactive 3D environment, was an exciting experience that taught us a great deal. Thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors and buyers took part in the first edition, showing us that the debate on sustainability is not only alive and well, but very much needed, and that both companies and consumers want to commit to a more eco-friendly future. This is why we are already working on the second edition of GECO EXPO. Take a sneak peek at our programme!

1. New sustainability-related thematic areas

Given the interest shown by the public in all topics related to sustainability, for the second edition of GECO EXPO, which will take place in 2022, we have chosen to broaden the debate to include five different thematic areas: Renewable Energies, Tourism & MICE, Green Mobility, Circular Economy and Eco Food. In part, therefore, we will continue to deal with the pillars of sustainability, those that already polarised our audience’s attention during the first edition, such as the exploitation of renewable energies, the importance of biodiversity in tourism, circular economy, or Smart Cities, but we will also explore different topics and welcome new projects and new companies, to debate issues such as agritech, responsible consumption and responsible production in the primary sector. We are interested in building on the success of the first edition, to proof that the positive synergies created within an event such as GECO can lead to the creation of effective projects that make a difference in terms of sustainable development. Participating in GECO means becoming part of a community that fosters sustainability and innovation, creating fruitful collaborations between leading companies, start-ups, institutions, universities, and research groups.

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2. A high-tech and intuitive user experience

The second edition of GECO EXPO, much like the first, will take place in an entirely 3D environment, using a state-of-the-art platform. It will grant 24/7 access to users from all over the world, which will be able to explore the immersive 3D venue using their customised avatars, retaining all the spontaneous and immediate interaction of a traditional event. Exhibitors, however, will enjoy unprecedented visibility and network-growing potential, since access to the trade show is not bound by geographical restrictions or any travel limitations that might be in place. In addition, the lower cost of access, as well as the possibility of saving on travel and accommodation expenses, makes the event accessible to small and medium-sized companies, allowing for a much more varied and interesting scenario than any traditional event could possibly create.

attending a virtual trade show

3. Round tables, contests and international speakers

For the second edition of GECO EXPO, we are once again working on a rich programme of round tables and panels dedicated to the main thematic areas, with the opportunity for companies and innovators to present their pitch in front of a qualified and international audience. On the other hand, our speakers will also be experts of the highest level, coming from different countries and professional backgrounds. There will also be new contests, dedicated both to startups and established companies, rewarding sustainable innovation and development. Presenting your project at GECO EXPO means showcasing it to a large and highly profiled B2B and B2C audience. Give your company the chance to grow and make a difference in the world of sustainable innovation: participate in the second edition of GECO EXPO!

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