Sirti Annual Meeting 2021: the hybrid event every company needs

Sirti Annual Meeting 2021: the hybrid event every company needs

hybrid event
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Welcome to the future of events: new technologies are accelerating at a dizzying pace and they are destined to change the way we think of and experience events such as conferences, annual meetings, and international trade shows. Our experience as event organisers in these complex times has led us to experiment with many different solutions, specialising in high-profile digital events, and we are happy to say that our clients have chosen to venture with us into a branch of this industry that has so much to offer and allows us to discover new and interesting possibilities every day. Today we would like to tell you about our client Sirti’s 2021 Annual Meeting. Sirti is a leading company in the design, implementation, and maintenance of technological infrastructures and plants, as well as the development of smart and sustainable solutions for the telecommunications, energy, enterprises, and public administration industries. We designed this meeting as a hybrid event, combining the best of our experience in traditional events with the high technical performance of our virtual events platform.

What is a hybrid event?

An event is defined as hybrid when it combines in-presence elements with digital technologies. In the case of Sirti’s 2021 Annual Meeting, for instance, the panelists and our staff met physically at our chosen venue, while the audience attended the event remotely.

hybrid event

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The choice of location

Our many years of experience in location scouting, especially in the Milan area, proved essential for this type of event. In this case, for instance, we needed to find a space with very specific characteristics: a large space, to allow everyone to work safely and maintain social distancing, but also a versatile and high-tech facility, which would allow us to make the most of the performance of our virtual platform.

hybrid event

The organisation of the event

We built a double set, customised with furniture, lights, branded carpeting with the company’s logo, and projected graphics to create a highly immersive environment for the 20 or so panelists on-site. They were joined by our technical staff, who managed the complex event schedule and remote connections throughout the four-hour show. There were also remote speakers and a cartoonist, who created fun graphics in real-time to illustrate the topics that were discussed. The digital meeting was watched by 1500 users who logged in remotely, accessing the event via an exclusive link and customised landing page. Finally, we took care of the post-production and created a short video presentation of the event to be spread on the client’s social networks, to enhance the experience even after the meeting was over.

hybrid event

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