Smart Fashion Project: showcase at the next Milan fashion week

Smart Fashion Project: showcase your collection at the next Milan fashion week

Written by Angela

The Milan Fashion Week is one of the most important and anticipated events in the industry and thousands of brands, every year, hope or attempt to organise events and showcases and cram them into the space of three or four days, hoping to maximise their visibility. The number of those who actually achieve the desired results, of course, is much lower. Hosting a promotional event during the Milan Fashion Week can be incredibly expensive: way out of reach for most small, indie or even medium-sized brands with “ordinary” budgets. Venue prices alone are enough to push those brands off the market, as fees to rent even the smallest space in the city skyrocket during the fashion week. That is, provided that anyone can find an available slot, one that has not been booked years in advance. Much the same goes for all service providers, from caterers to light designers. We at Smart Eventi decided it was time to do something about it, time to break down the wall that was keeping smaller fashion brands from the limelight, and teamed up with other local professionals to create a new concept of fashion event: we call it the Smart Fashion Project.

Smart Fashion Project 2020: our goals

Our main goal for this event is simple and yet ambitious: we will gather some of the best international fashion brands out there, both emerging and established, and will allow them to showcase their collections during the 2020 Fashion Week, in one of the most exclusive venues in Milan, offering them a comprehensive, all-inclusive event planning service. We don’t think fashion designers should take time away from creating awesome collections to worry about event-planning details and logistics, and yet, for most emerging brands, that’s exactly the case: the creative team has to double as an event-planning team since all the budget has been blown on securing a venue. The Smart Fashion Project is the solution to this problem: with our help, creatives will be free to do nothing else but… create. We will take care of all the details and deliver the ultimate fashion show. The revolutionary aspect of it, of course, is in the pricing: since this is a collective project, the individual price is well within the budget of most small-to-medium-sized brands.

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The venue

At Smart Eventi, we know about venues. Specifically, we know about venues in Milan: we have a vast network of exclusive contacts that grant us access to the best ones. For the first edition of The Smart Project, which is to take place during the February 2020 Fashion Week, we picked one of the most charming venues in the city: the prestigious Salone dei Tessuti, in via San Gregorio, the very heart of Milan. This 1925 building was originally a warehouse, owned by the Galtrucco family, whose textile business was one of the most successful in Italy. When the family interest moved onto real estate, this magnificent gothic building was refurbished and turned into a stunning event venue. The refurbishment has entirely preserved the building’s original charm. Imagine a crowd of fashion enthusiasts swarming through its ample spaces, heels clicking on the woodwork, admiring the collections on showcase among the slender columns with their elegant plaster capitals. The main hall measures 850 square metres, the courtyard 140 square metres. There are also a foyer, a warehouse, a catering area and, obviously, a backstage area.

What we can do for you

In a word: everything. Smart Eventi will be your unique point of contact for every event-planning need that may arise. The Smart Fashion project is designed to meet the need of brands and creatives, making sure every aspect of the organisation works to their satisfaction. We have a team of event professionals that will take care of every aspect of the showcase, from lighting- to audio- and video-design, from set-up and decoration to seating arrangement, from rentals to catering, from furnishing the backstage to entertainment, from hiring hostesses and stewards to securing the best DJs and photographer. In short, we will deliver a picture-perfect event: all you will have to do is showcase your perfect collection.

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