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The top 4 challenges of doing business in Italy

challenges of doing business in italy
Written by Angela

Doing business in Italy has never been so rewarding: despite the recession having lasted longer than in other European countries, the local startup scene has picked up on the international challenges and its momentum has been aided by a few laws aimed at making life easier for new companies. If you are thinkging of Starting a business in Italy, however, you will probably need local expertise to find your way through both the cultural milieu and the specific regulations that might look puzzling or even frustrating to an outsider. Italy, after all, has grown an egregious fame for its byzantine bureaucracy (which is often as bewildering as it is rumored to be) and for widespread inefficiency (which is actually less widespread than you may think). And yet, foreign investments are pouring in, as more and more companies realise that Italy is the place to be, right now and for the coming years. What are the biggest challenges of doing business in Italy and how should you prepare for them? Here’s a quick guide.

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