3 virtual Christmas team-building ideas that your team will love
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3 virtual Christmas team-building ideas that your team will love

virtual Christmas team-building
Written by Angela

Christmas team-building sessions are one of our favourite traditions. At the end of a year’s work, we feel the need to get together with our co-workers and strengthen our bonds. After a year like this, the need for connection is even stronger. Colleagues have faced unprecedented difficulties together, they have had to learn how to collaborate remotely, even though they were used to spending time together every day, and they found themselves supporting each other on a human as well as professional level. How do we handle all these new emotions and use them to move forward? And how do we satisfy the need to get together and celebrate the holiday season, if we are still in lockdown and forced to stay apart? Here are some ideas for a virtual Christmas team-building session!

3 virtual Christmas team-building ideas that your team will love

Have you tried Among Us yet?

Anyone who has children or teenagers in their life will have heard of the hottest online strategy game of this season: Among Us. This popular title is actually a digital version of a card game created to develop strategic skills and problem-solving. The original game had several names, but the format is always the same: a group of players (usually ten) is divided into teams with different roles. One or two individuals are tasked with boycotting and eliminating all the other players, although obviously nobody knows who they are. The aim of the other players is to expose the “impostors” before being eliminated. Each time a player is eliminated, the whole team has to get together and discuss the “crime” to find a culprit – while the impostors, of course, have to try and prove themselves innocent. This dynamic allows strategies to be developed and mutual knowledge to be exploited. The platform makes it very easy to organise “private” games and it can be integrated with voice channels to make the live commentary more engaging. The best part? It is a simple, fun, and exciting game.

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Zoom Christmas “dinner” with a special Santa

Office Christmas parties often do not require team-building activities: a meal and a toast among colleagues are all that most teams need to reconnect and strengthen their bonds, fostering a sense of belonging. Gift exchanging or a secret Santa might also help. Our virtual Christmas team-building events this year include an “updated” and “technological” version of this. Our catering services can deliver delicious “Christmas Boxes” with traditional treats and a drink with which to toast your colleagues, as well as a personalised gift, in time to arrange a Zoom meeting. Exchanging greetings like this is unusual, but we find it is much more appreciated, precisely because it comes at a time when human contact is so sorely missed and so incredibly cherished.

Christmas Challenge

Virtual challenges are among the most popular online activities right now and of course, we have included several of them in our selection for virtual Christmas team-building activities. We like to challenge our customers in a creative and fun way, particularly during this season. Our chosen activities range from sports challenges involving strength, endurance, and agility, to culinary challenges, which can get particularly interesting at Christmas. Season specials include decorating a tree together with unusual ornaments.

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