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What virtual events can do for your business

Written by Angela

We do not know when our life will return to some sort of normality comparable to the one we knew up until early 2020. What we do know, however, is that all areas and groups in our society are united in the desire to go back to work, to school, to enjoy live entertainment, and to travel again. And the events sector is no less. Of course, it is not yet possible for us to gather in large crowds, but the needs and the goals that have always driven us to do so have not changed. We still need to promote our businesses and products and to work with others. To meet all these needs, we at Smart Eventi have started offering a virtual events service to our clients.

What’s the point of virtual events?

The best website or press release in the world will never match the efficacy of real and immediate human contact. When we gather for an event we don’t just trade information and data, but also exchange emotions, aspirations, expectations, and desires. Virtual events allow your company to reach levels of engagement previously achieved only through direct interaction. What’s more, we don’t want our virtual events to be mere a fallback, but rather we offer and will continue offering them as an independent option, with a wide choice of formats that make the most of the possibilities offered by technology. We want to take this opportunity to permanently expand our portfolio and get back on track as soon as possible.

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What kind of virtual events can be organised?

Everything your employees and customers can do “face-to-face” can be replicated in a virtual environment. From press days to team building, from fashion shows to real trade fairs. The fundamental elements of each event are always guaranteed: maximum exposure for the brand and products, plenty of room for sponsors, complex interactions between individuals and groups, and the opportunity to live a shared experience of high human and professional value.

Where do these events take place?

Our virtual events platform has been developed by qualified IT engineers and designed specifically for companies and professionals. For each event virtual 3D environments can be created and adapted to the needs of each client: do you want to set your fashion show on a beautiful rooftop? Do you want to display your new product in a super modern showroom or host your presentation in a theatre? We can make that happen, and we can also allow participants to interact independently, through private or group chats, moving safely in digital spaces through their virtual avatars. In the case of trade fairs, real virtual stands will be available for participants, as well as efficient automation of access barriers and accreditation management. Moreover, after each event, it will be possible to send participants a small evaluation survey to establish the strengths and critical points of the event itself.

Why is it important to organize virtual events?

One of the most obvious consequences of this crisis is the great sense of isolation and disconnection that characterizes many professional and human relationships at this time. Fear and uncertainty can be countered by creating opportunities for connection and conveying a sense of continuity to customers, partners, employees, and collaborators. Virtual events send out a clear message, expressing a desire to move forward and improve, protecting each other and always guaranteeing everyone’s safety.

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