Attending a trade show? Here's how to make your brand stand out
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Attending a trade show? Here’s how to make your brand stand out

attending a trade show
Written by Angela

What are your priorities when getting ready to attend a trade show? Many entrepreneurs, especially the owners of small and medium-sized companies, find the trade show experience both stimulating and confusing, and generally challenging to manage. This is often due to the fact that exhibiting at trade shows requires a very different logistical organisation than is involved in day-to-day business management. It’s not just a matter of connecting to potential customers or business partners, but also of engaging personally in a promotional effort whose positive effects can reverberate over an entire business year and beyond. That is why, for many of our clients, we take care of this type of event, taking charge of all organisational and marketing aspects that are required to participate in a trade show, so that the client’s team can focus exclusively on networking and brand promotion. The following is a brief summary of our recent experience with our client Mazzaroppi.

Mazzaroppi and Vitrium

Mazzaroppi is a typical example of Italian entrepreneurial excellence. The world’s leading manufacturer of glass tempering furnaces presented its new models at this year’s Vitrium exhibition. The new models feature innovative technologies that combine the latest discoveries in the field with the expertise and high quality of Italian craftsmanship, allowing for greater energy savings than the competition and making their machinery incredibly user-friendly for such a highly-specialised industry. But it wasn’t just a matter of bringing new products to the show. The company was also engaging in an overall rebranding, with the aim of repositioning itself in the market by renewing its identity and its image.

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Our work for Mazzaroppi

Trade show booths play a central role for our clients and we always take care of their design and set-up. We work with our communications team to create a branded space that reflects the brand’s values and the company’s personality, communicating a strong brand identity while at the same time designing an environment that allows for easy interaction and makes meetings pleasant and relaxed, in which our client can easily welcome visitors and engage in meaningful conversations, that will eventually turn into leads and, at the end of the process, into conversions, customers, and fertile contacts that allow the company to grow and develop. In order to achieve these goals we also take care of all the graphic/visual aspects and the communication material, which in this case was in Italian and English.

attending a trade show

Results: what makes a trade show worthwile

Mazzaroppi’s booth was among the most visited of the exhibition, generating interest and very interesting leads. The Guru Marketing team supported Mazzaroppi’s communication not only during the trade show, but also before and after the event, so as to make the company’s message solid and consistent, through online content and webinars that have contributed in a choral way to drive the rebranding that the client wanted.

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