Best video conferencing app? Zoom, Google Meet or GoToWebinar?

Best video conferencing app? We compared Zoom, Google Meet and GoToWebinar

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Video conferencing has become part of our everyday lives: due to the recurring lockdowns, we not only use it to hold meetings and webinars, but also to talk to friends and family, exchange greetings, and attend art events. It’s no wonder, then, that video conferencing platforms have grown in popularity over the past few years and that the popularity of some of them has skyrocketed. What is the best video conferencing software? It depends, of course, on each user’s requirements. In this article, we will compare three of the most popular ones.

Best video conferencing software? We compared Zoom, Google Meet and GoToWebinar

Zoom meetings

Zoom has been the big star of this past year, perhaps the most popular video conferencing software in the world, overtaking even the old classic: Skype. The main reason why everyone uses Zoom is that everyone uses Zoom: it has become almost the most obvious and obvious solution for videoconferencing, and in fact, has some merits that justify its popularity. The software is simple and scalable, easy to use on both desktop and mobile platforms, with excellent video quality and many useful features (such as the ability to direct and coordinate the meeting, organise Q&A sections, differentiate between panelists and audience, send chat messages intended only for certain users or categories of users). It is also possible to record meetings either on your own computer or on the cloud, saving just the audio or the audio and video together. Despite some misgivings about the levels of security and privacy offered by this software, Zoom is probably the most practical solution for those who need high-quality services that go beyond those required for a simple business meeting. For those who simply need to organise short meetings with a few people, the 40-minute limit imposed on free accounts is a major drawback.

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Google Meet

Google Meet is rapidly gaining ground on Zoom because it allows free accounts  to hold video conferences of more than 40 minutes (and up to 24 hours). For private users and small and medium-sized enterprises, this is undoubtedly an advantage and not to be underestimated. Another great plus of this platform is the fact that it can be accessed online, without downloading an app. All that is needed is a Google account from which to start the meeting. Participants simply click on the link and ask to join. Meetings can accommodate up to 100 participants ( up to 250 for premium accounts) and its interface is easy to use, functional and intuitive. Security levels are also satisfactory for the average business. Google Meet can be integrated with Google Calendar and all the other products of the Google suite and has all the main functions one would expect to find in a video conferencing software, such as screen sharing. Video quality tends to be slightly lower than Zoom’s.


GoToWebinar, as its name suggests, is a tool designed specifically for webinars and offers a host of useful features for webinar organisers. There are many sharing options and there is also excellent analytics. It is also possible to add registration pages and a pre-webinar process. It is even possible to share installable applications to make them available to all participants. This tool will not be everyone’s first choice, however, as it is one of the most expensive platforms available. It only makes sense to use it if webinars are part of your core businesses and you need to implement advanced features.

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