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The company magazine: a team building activity to improve communication in the workplace

Written by Angela

What is the purpose of team building? Over the years, we have answered this question many times. Many people think that team building is solely intended to foster team spirit and to allow teams that do not know each other very well to become acquainted, to connect, perhaps to stimulate certain soft skills that can be useful in the workplace, such as problem-solving or the ability to coordinate collective projects. All these benefits of team building are extremely relevant, but that’s not all there is to it: some activities are specially designed to encourage communication not only between colleagues but also across different levels of the corporate hierarchy. This is exactly what we were asked to do recently, to boost a company training day for one of our clients. To this end, we organised a creative activity designed to facilitate communication between tiers: a company magazine.

The client’s brief: managing vertical communication effectively

As always, our activities start with a client’s expressed need, to address the company’s own concerns. In this case, the aim was to organise a training day in which the managers could meet the partners and share the company’s vision and values effectively so that they in turn could establish productive communication with their employees. Communication, therefore, had to flow in both directions to be truly productive and effective.
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The first two phases of corporate training

To achieve these goals, we divided the training into three different phases. Initially, the partners met with the management, analysing not only the company’s goals and plans for the future, but also analysing its past and history, leading up to the present, to allow the entire workforce to have a clear and comprehensive overview of the current situation and the professional context in which the company must develop. The second stage was a meeting in which the managerial team discussed the company’s vision without the founders and associates. They went over the main points of the previous meeting, commenting on the insights that had emerged and how to apply them in their own daily activity and in corporate communication in general.

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The company magazine

The third phase was the actual team-building activity. In this case, it consisted in the creation of a ” company magazine “. In this internal publication, partners and employees conceptualised and expressed their commitments for the future, ” formatting” them with a series of polaroid pictures to make the final result more lively and interesting. It is always useful, in both one’s personal and working life, to visualise goals and the path one intends to take towards them. That’s why we encouraged the whole team and the partners themselves to put together a collective project – the magazine – that would allow everyone to express their point of view on the important goals, and at the same time acquire a broad vision of the whole company as a collective body, made up of individuals working together towards shared goals according to common values.

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