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Corporate webinars: what you need to get started

corporate webinars
Written by Angela

Corporate webinars are not exactly new: they have been around for a long time, but they have only been gaining proper traction since 2020, for obvious reasons. Not that they weren’t widespread before or that the technology wasn’t there to make them fully effective, but they were mostly considered a cheaper or more informal solution, lacking the gravitas and official quality of a proper seminar or a conference. Now we know that is not the case. Corporate webinars are extremely useful and flexible and they can connect professionals across the globe spreading knowledge, advancing business, and improving individual and team performance. If you are thinking of organising or attending one for the first time, this post is for you.

How corporate webinars work

Corporate webinars are generally held using video conferencing tools, such as Zoom or GoToWebinar, that allow participants to interact with each other like they would in a classroom. Typically, users will need to download the same software that the organiser has planned the webinar on, in order to access the platform. It’s always a good idea to pick apps that most people are familiar with or that do not require much effort from the end-user. Besides, webinar platforms are usually designed to allow the sharing of multimedia files, such as videos and presentations, which allows those who hold the webinar to make the user’s learning experience richer and more interesting.

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When should you plan a corporate webinar?

Most companies only think of webinars in terms of training and education, but that is a limiting view of this format. A lot of events can be adapted as corporate webinars: from press conferences to product launches, from kick-off meetings to workshops and team-building sessions. Much can be accomplished by extending the use of this amazing tool to other departments than HR. Most journalists, for instance, are now familiar with the main webinar platforms currently in use and they will be glad to attend press days remotely, provided that you can make their experience interesting and meaningful.

Main advantages of corporate webinars

Are corporate webinars just a temporary solution for pandemic times? We don’t think so. They are extremely useful tools, worth using even when traditional events are once again an option. One advantage of organising online events and training courses for your team is that they tend to be less expensive than traditional ones. Saving on your training budget will allow you to reinvest in other activities to improve your team’s motivation and performance, such as team building or incentive gifts. If you use webinars to hold press conferences and launches, you will also boost your marketing campaign and be able to generate valuable leads at a fraction of the cost of a “normal” marketing event.

What you need to get started

Getting started on corporate webinars is easy: you just need to pick your preferred platform, based on the features you will be needing, the number of participants you are expecting, and the goals you are hoping to achieve. Then you will need to make sure everyone who should be attending has the necessary hardware and software to do so. Finally, you need to design your webinar’s programme and prepare all the required multimedia materials, making sure the formats are supported and the sharing features work properly. Always have a trial run with your staff before launching the actual webinar, particularly if it’s a public event like a press launch or a presentation. If your chosen platform allows it, don’t forget to add a short enquiry at the end of the event, to record your attendees’ feedback in order to improve future events.

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