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Fuorisalone: multiple venues for a memorable event

Written by Angela

Milan’s identity has always been linked to its lively entrepreneurial and commercial spirit, and one of the most highly anticipated events of the year is the Fuorisalone. More than an event, but not exactly a trade show, the Fuorisalone is the whole range of independent events that are organised every year to coincide with the Salone del Mobile, but which take place outside the trade show itself. For years, our agency has been organising events for Italian and international brands during the Fuorisalone – and we will do so again this year, even though Fuorisalone 2022 has been postponed to June. Today we want to share our experience with Icona STC, a company for which we organised a memorable event during the 2021 edition.

Finding the perfect venue for a Fuorisalone event

One of the main differences between attending a traditional trade show and participating in the Fuorisalone is the choice of venue. Whereas in a trade show the organiser allocates spaces to individual exhibitors, in a widespread event like the Fuorisalone each company has to find the ideal venue for its event. This was the starting point for our collaboration with Icona STC, a highly innovative brand operating in the fields of automotive, smart cities, smart mobility, sanitation, product and industrial design. Icona STC asked us for support in creating a route through different thematic areas, designed to present some of the company’s most futuristic projects to the public. The main focus was on the ‘Microlino‘: a product that has the potential to completely revolutionise urban electric mobility.

Putting technology in the spotlight

For this project, we chose to plan an itinerary in the heart of the Tortona district, a fashion and design hub, and a favourite hangout of Design enthusiasts in Milan. During the Design Week, of course, international design lovers flock to Milan from all over the world, and they are most likely to be found in Tortona. In this area, therefore, we arranged the most innovative Icona STC products, focusing on industrial design, product design, and mobility. Walking through the exhibition areas, visitors were able to appreciate the impressive results of a whole decade’s worth of work, research, and innovation. We have divided the route into thematic areas, to facilitate an organic reading of the event and also to place each product in the right context.


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The perfect atmosphere

A distinctive feature of our events is the emphasis on atmosphere. Organising an event to present a product to the public means more than just creating the right conditions in terms of space, light and photo ops. To us, it means above all creating the magic of an atmosphere that the client can remember and associate with the brand, generating emotions and making memories. In this case, we chose dynamic and welcoming spaces and planned every detail with great care, adapting the event perfectly to the client’s needs and also providing a hostess and reception service, as well as taking care of the bureaucratic side of the organisation, from permits to technical consultants.

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