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Leonardo’s secret: an incredible team-building to discover a city and its mistery

Written by Angela

Do you think you know what corporate team-building is? We bet we can prove you wrong in one post. Many associate this definition to workplace-related activities designed to enhance competition and productivity within a team. And this may very well be occasionally true, but it is by no means all there is to it. It is our job to create a variety of experiences, aimed at stimulating and engaging employees in different ways and – most importantly – in a variety of places. This is the only way to explore and affect the human interaction dynamics that are at play within a team, guiding their evolution in a precise direction, promoting individual and collective growth. This doesn’t sound much like any idea of corporate team building you had, does it? In this post, we will tell you about one of our favourite corporate team-building experiences.

How we pick a corporate team-building activity

When a client requires a corporate team-building activity for their team, we begin by learning everything we can about their company, their brand identity, their internal hierarchy, and their goals. We need to guide them in making a very important choice. Size, in this case, matters. We are talking, of course, about team size. The experience we are about to describe, for instance, was commissioned by Microsoft for an international team of their employees, in Milan. The kind of dynamics that operate in the local branch of a multinational company, of course, is rather different from the ones that exist within a small local firm whose entire workforce is located in the same place and interacts regularly.

Living the city

In this case, we decided to set our corporate team-building, not in a venue hired for this purpose, but outdoors in central Milan. Choosing activities that require the participants to interact with their surroundings helps keep the team engaged and it creates a more natural and relaxed interaction. And, more often than not, it is perceived as a more natural alternative to strictly organised games. And of course, this is when we came up with a scavenger hunt.

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Leonardo’s secret

2019 was the year of Leonardo Da Vinci, and we decided to incorporate this element into our corporate team-building project. Each clue in our scavenger hunt required team members to solve riddles and play games that tested their knowledge of Leonardo’s work, art, and history. This allowed Microsoft employees coming from different countries to enjoy a unique tour of the city, learn about one of Italy’s most prominent geniuses, and get to know each other at the same time. Leonardo’s genius was the catalyst that allowed us to keep the whole experience challenging and interesting.

Team-building goals

This activity was all about creating shared experiences for an international team, allowing its members to develop a level of harmony and familiarity that reflects positively on their collective and individual performance in the workplace, and that would require a long time to achieve without such activity.

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