Exhibit at the Milan Art Week and the Fuorisalone this year!

What you need to exhibit at the Milan Art Week and the Fuorisalone this year

Milan Art Week 2020
Written by Angela

Everyone is coming to Milan this year! Two major events are going to rock the city, drawing hundreds of thousands of professionals from all over the world. From April 14th to 19th, the fourth edition of the Milan Art Week will turn the city into a hub for contemporary art, with thousands of exhibitions, panels, conferences, and vernissages. At the moment of writing and publishing this article, there are no plans to postpone the event. One event that has been postponed is the Milan Design Week, which will no longer be taking place in April and has been schedule for June, from the 15th to the 21st. That’s when the combined glamour of the Milan Furniture Fair and the Fuorisalone will converge into the Milan Design Week – one of the most anticipated design-industry events in the world. Would you like to exhibit at these events? Do you have a new product, a game-changing idea to showcase to a qualified audience? Here’s what you need to do!

What you need to exhibit at the Milan Art Week in 2020

Planning an exhibition is a complex effort and we firmly believe in the artist’s right to focus exclusively on their art. That’s why we specialise in organising exhibitions and grand openings, taking care of the logistics, providing a vast choice of available venues and curating the event to highlight each artwork and create a harmonic visitor experience. We believe art should be showcased to the public at the top of its communicative power, subtly guiding the visitors’ attention and ensuring a thorough enjoyment of the exhibited pieces. If you choose to exhibit your paintings, photographs, sculptures or installations at this year’s Milan Art Week, we will make sure all you have to think of is your art: we will find the perfect venue and curate your event down to the last detail, including the promotion and press releases. We will add the most influential journalists, bloggers, and influencers to your guest list and make sure your work gets the press coverage it deserves.

Milan Art Week exhibit

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What you need to exhibit at the Fuorisalone in 2020

Unlike the Milan Furniture Fair, the Fuorisalone is not a defined event with a specific organiser, but rather a galaxy of independent events, organised by brands and companies during the Design Week. What do you need to exhibit at the Fuorisalone in 2020? Mostly, an idea. This is where you get to be unique and stand out. You should take particular care choosing the product or line you want to launch or showcase. Make sure you start with clear goals and a strong message for your target audience. It may be an individual product, a new line or your whole brand breaking into a new market. Next, you will be needing a venue for your event: that’s where we come in! Our vast network comprises hundreds of amazing and exclusive venues in Milan, from historic mansions to super-modern studio spaces. We will help you find the one that fits your budget, your personality and your needs. Our team will help you set up the venue, hire the required staff, liaise with the vendors and promote your event to a select list of industry and media professionals and to the general public.

Fuorisalone exhibit 2020

How to find the perfect Venue in Milan

Whether you are exhibiting at the Milan Art Week or the Fuorisalone, you will need to find a venue as soon as possible. Most venues in Milan are booked years ahead for these events and you don’t want to end up with everyone else’s second choice. Let us help! For instance, while most museums and galleries are fully booked for the event already, we can help you find industrial spaces and studio flats in the city centre that can make your event unique. If you want your event to have a classical vibe, we will direct you towards one of our villas and our historic residences, with their original decor and furniture. If, on the other hand, you want your product to stand out against a plain background, we will help you find a modern, minimalist showroom in the heart of the design district.

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