Team-building in Milan: rooftop wine tasting to kickstart the summer vibes
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Team-building in Milan: rooftop wine tasting to kickstart the summer vibes

team-building in Milan
Written by Angela

Team-building in Milan is almost a tradition, albeit a recent one. Plenty of international buildings operating in what is known as the financial capital of Italy firmly believe in creating shared experiences for their employees to improve performance and ensure a friendly work environment. Covid, of course, took that away from us for almost two years. For months we have been waiting to get back together, to share experiences as simple and meaningful as a meal and a glass of fine wine. And it’s no coincidence that, as soon as the pandemic restrictions were lifted, our clients started asking us to organise team-building experiences that focused on sharing, a sense of uniqueness and of being in the moment, and on social interaction. Wine-tasting is one of our favourites. To celebrate the start of this summer of recovery and our return to life and business, we organised a team-building event, with wine-tasting on a beautiful terrace, to allow participants to enjoy a selection of excellent vintages and a stunning view of the city.

The perfect venue for team-building in Milan

We chose a unique venue for this event: the lovely terrace of a historic building, overlooking one of the city’s most beautiful parks. It is a spacious and versatile space, with a classic and elegant flair, which allows us to customise every detail – and attention to detail is key in an event like this.

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The wine-tasting

As always, we involved professional sommeliers and with them, we picked a selection of fine wines from top Italian wineries. This kind of team building always consists of three steps: the introductory, educational step, in which the sommeliers introduce the participants to the wonderful world of Italian wine culture and explain how to appreciate all the characteristics of good wine, examining its sensory properties and learning to distinguish between the different qualities. Then there is the actual tasting – perhaps the most eagerly awaited moment – and finally the interactive sessions, which allow participants to put into practice what they have learned. There are quizzes and blind-tastings, in which colleagues challenge each other to recognise the properties of each bottle. This is the actual team-building phase of the experience: not just the sharing of knowledge, but the challenge, the practical application of what the participants have learned, the development of group dynamics that bring people closer together, improve relationships and, above all, create shared memories that can foster healthy and positive human and professional relationships.

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