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“The Greatest Christmas”: a 1920s success for TXT!

Written by Lucia Conti

The holiday season is a time of festivity, togetherness, and a time to create unforgettable memories. The company TXT envisioned just such an occasion, and reached out to us at Smart Eventi to plan their brilliantly themed Christmas event. They were intent on a party that would be remembered, an opulent evening inspired by the swinging, lavish atmosphere of the 1920s. This vision came to life under the name “The Greatest Christmas.”

The Greatest Christmas’ for TXT: crafting the 1920s Experience

With complete carte blanche, Smart Eventi was able to take the reins and orchestrate every corner of this celebration, starting from securing a location that could comfortably host all 836 TXT employees. We knew that getting the setting right would set the tone for the rest of the night, so we hand-picked a place that perfectly fit the bill.

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The early stages of planning involved crafting custom graphics and an immersive setup paying homage to the event’s roaring twenties theme. We incorporated elements that resonated deeply with the atmosphere of the era, which included crowd-pleasers like roulette tables, themed backdrops, cabaret-style bistro tables. These elements were designed not only to entertain but also to help the guests immerse themselves fully in the spirit of the evening.

Live performances added to that immersion. A swing band created the perfect 1920’s soundtrack, and actors and dancers performed, encouraging attendees to embrace the roaring twenties with unbridled enthusiasm.

From Grandeur to Dance Floor

As the night unfolded, its tempo ebbed and flowed with the mood of the festivities. The 1920s-themed evening hit its high note with a DJ set and swiftly transitioned into a bona fide dance floor. TXT employees, caught up in the revelry and the spectacle of the evening, got their chance to let loose and dance the night away, reveling in the lively and exhilarating rhythms flowing through the space.

The Christmas corporate party of TXT was a masterpiece of entertainment, filled with an array of dazzling attractions. Between spellbinding performances, lively music, entrancing dancers, buffet-style food, roulette games, and the constant flow of whiskey and sparkling wine, there was never a dull moment.

This is just one example we could provide to demonstrate what Smart Events is capable of when organizing a corporate event. The goal is to accommodate the client’s characteristics, desires, and objectives, without resorting to standard practices that ignore the specific profile of those who need our assistance. The result is a shared experience that lingers in the memories of colleagues within a workgroup for a long time. This is what guides and inspires us.

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