Why you should still invest in incentive travel and team-building
Team building and incentive travel

Why you should still invest in incentive travel and team-building for your employees

Written by Angela

Why should a company invest in team-building activities or an incentive trip during a global pandemic? This is a legitimate question and, before we address it, let’s make one thing clear: whatever your choices in terms of incentives for your employees and your views on travelling might be, safety has to come first. Each of us is responsible for our own safety and that of others and this should be your first concern at all times. It certainly is ours. And yet, we are still supporting our clients who feel they need to organise team-building activities or invest in incentive travel. If you think there is a contradiction there, let us explain.

Isolation is harming your employees and therefore your company

While we do not agree with those who maintain working from home is an evil and wrong practice and it will disintegrate society as we know it, we do know that the sudden change from an office environment to the confinement of their own home has affected many, making them feel isolated and even alienated from their peers. Companies that invest in incentive travel and team-building activities at this time are investing in their employees’ well-being and productivity, which is going to impact the bottom line in the long term.

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As we restart and reopen, we all need some positive vibes!

Italy has been cautiously reopening since May and so has most of Europe. While the emergency is not yet behind us, we are figuring out how to conduct most human activities in complete safety. Travelling is one of those activities. We know, by now, that there are ways of moving from one place to another and to be in each other’s presence without risking to spread the virus (and those ways include wearing masks, washing our hands well and often, and not touching our faces, among other things). These are the necessary premises to start thinking about the kind of activities that can help your employees feel inspired and motivated to get back to work and to feel like they are part of a team. More than anything, we need to have fun together, to relax, to be reminded that, even though we can’t hug each other or even shake hands, we can still spend time with our friends and our colleagues, share meaningful experiences, and bond.

Your company needs loyal employees, now more than ever.

In a volatile market and with most industries on the brink of collapse, the loyalty of your employees is one of the most important assets your company can claim. You can’t afford to lose them or have them working half-heartedly. The times ahead are going to be hard and you are going to need all hands on deck and working hard to push your firm through the financial crisis that is already following in the wake of the health crisis. Offering regular incentive travel and team-building activities is an excellent way to keep your team happy and inspired, and therefore highly productive. It is also a way of showing your employees love and respect, to make them feel valued, and to prove that you care about their physical and mental well-being.

What about the budget?

There are companies that, at this difficult time, would like to invest in incentive travel and team building, but are simply unable to do so. Indeed, some of our clients find themselves in this predicament. To all of them, we say: do reach out, nevertheless. These are strange times and a lot of things are proving possible that were inconceivable only a few months ago. Including taking your team on an incentive trip on a tight budget or organising a team-building experience without the need to gather in the same place. We can help you find the perfect solution for your company.

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