Creating the perfect trade show booth: no exhibitor can afford to get this wrong!
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Creating the perfect trade show booth: no exhibitor can afford to get this wrong!

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Written by Angela

Any company choosing to attend a trade show is investing in its brand and its future. The reasons for this can be manifold: making yourself known in a new market, consolidating your presence, launching a new product range, forging new business relationships. The strategy, however, tends to be more or less the same: it all starts with the booth. Designing a trade show booth means using space to communicate. The booth is the place where the company opens up to others and welcomes other exhibition attendees into its own “home”, so to speak. Every aesthetic, logistical, and organisational choice contributes to the effect you want to create, conveying the brand’s values. Through careful planning it is possible to direct the visitor’s attention to a certain detail or aspect of the product, to create a positive experience that encourages curiosity about the company and also, in some cases, to let the visitor experience the product in a practical, immediate and direct manner. Our company Guru Marketing takes care of this service within the “Smart universe”. This is how we designed a booth for Unapol – the National Union of Olive Producers’ Associations, for this year’s Tuttofood exhibition.

Inhabiting the brand’s world

Trade show booth design and the very concept of “booth” have evolved a great deal over the years. What started out as a simple “stand”, an information point where each company set down some brochures and a few product samples and used as “base camp” to move around the exhibition grounds and meet other participants, has evolved into much more complex structures. The spaces have grown and, at the same time, so has the creativity of the designers who plan them. Today’s boths are large exhibition spaces in which the brand concept can be explored in many different ways. This turns trade shows into colourful realms, where visitors constantly step from one ‘world’ into the next, each time finding themselves immersed in completely different atmospheres. Naturally, this creates a certain degree of competition in terms of creative choices: to stand out in the midst of such a rich and varied offer, a booth must not only be interesting, but also exciting, surprising, unique.

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Our work for Unapol

Tuttofood is a major international trade show that takes place in Milan and brings together the stakeholders of the entire agri-food chain. By its very nature, it is an event with a strong multisensory component, where visitors and exhibitors have the opportunity not only to find out about the latest developments in the industry, but also to sample products, wander among all sorts of scents and textures, and live an experience which is very close to that of the end customer. The space we designed for Unapol has a strong mediterranean identity and was specifically designed to highlight the unique characteristics of olives and olive oil. We placed a show-cooking station in the centre of a large space (9×8 metres). Here the product could ‘come to life’ in its practical applications. The tables set out for meetings with clients and other attendees were arranged around this central core, like tables in a restaurant, set around a stage where a show is taking place. The whole room was decorated in shades of green, white and red – a reference to Italy, but also to nature. Red was present in the form of the classic checked tablecloths found in so many of our kitchens and Italian restaurants the world over, while green was predominant, not only in the olive trees arranged to decorate the trade show booth, but also in the vertical elements, which resembled tall trees. The space was complemented by an 82-inch monitor and a webinar station.

creare uno stand

The results: the perfect trade show booth

Unapol’s booth was one of the most visited at Tuttofood. Customer satisfaction – which is always our primary goal – was linked not only to the success of the overall experience, but also to the assistance that our team provided before, during, and after the event, taking care of all the logistical needs related to the set-up and organization of the booth.

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