"Design requires vision" - Interview with Katrin Herden

“Design requires vision” – Interview with Katrin Herden

Written by Angela

The Milan Design Week is one of the most anticipated events in the industry and it has thousands of professionals gearing up for it every year, waiting to discover new talents, trends and exciting news. This year, we had the amazing opportunity to work with Katrin Herden, interior designer and partner of Studio MHZ and Sohil, on a glamorous exhibition. The event took place in the beautiful Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, a prestigious historic residence in Milan. Seven internationally acclaimed designer featured in Herden’s “Palace of Wonders”, each with their own style, specialising in different forms and using different materials to express their vision. From lighting to marble furniture, from modern chests to precious fabrics used to create cushions and portraits. The event was a huge success and we interviewed Katrin Herden after it.

Seven designers presented their collections in a charming venue during the Milan Design Week. What would you suggest to any designer willing to make an impression by exhibiting in the context of the Fuorisalone?

I think it’s essential to present something unique and do it in unexpected ways, in order to provoke and fire up the audience’s imagination. We tried to create a unique event with a new concept, gathering a group of international brands that shared similar visions but had very different collections to present, in different fields – from furniture to textiles and lighting. We are delighted to have been ranked by Corriere della Sera as one of the top 15, must-see events of the week.

Katrin Herden Milan design Week Bagatti Valsecchi

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What did you want your “Palace of Wonders” to look like?

We selected our exhibitors carefully, based on their designs, the quality of the materials they used and also their attitude, the shared inclinations toward precious limited editions. We wanted to create a special synergy between these brands, which converged into a unique journey through the museum.

How would you define the position of entrepreneur and designer, nowadays, both nationally and internationally? What is it about?

Hard work, ideas and persistence.

What was your experience of working with this venue for your event at Fuorisalone?

Absolutely amazing. It is an extraordinary venue, and their staff is competent, professional and friendly.

How important are social networks and pr on your industry?

I think it is essential, nowadays, to be present on at least a few social networks. Within de design industry, I am a big fan of Instagram, because it is all about beautiful visuals. And you can follow us on @Sohil_design!

Katrin Herden Milan design Week Bagatti Valsecchi

From picking a venue to mapping out every detail of your event, what would you say are the essentials of organising an exhibition, particularly during such a prestigious industry event, such as the Milan Design Week?

First of all, it is imperative to find a venue that fits the exhibition. For instance, we needed our venue to be in the most exclusive district in the city, and in a historic building. The group of designers we had assembled had very specific characteristics, we went for brands that shared similar philosophies and a passion for top quality products. It was all about harmony.

This was our first time working together. Do you think venue finding services and planning support were an important part of your event’s success?

Absolutely! Your assistance was essential throughout the organisation and it is an integral part of our success.

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Our team treasures the possibility of working with amazing creatives and intrepreneurs, such as Katrin Herden. Through everything we learn from events like this one, we improve the kind of service that we can provide for our clients, acquiring new ideas for future projects and looking forward to the next Milan Design Week to make them happen.

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