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Event planning in a pandemic: organising a press day for beauty products

Written by Angela

Press days are among our clients’ favourite events, and also among the ones we started again as soon as the lockdown was over. In fact, one of the first steps towards revitalising all branches of the economy was for brands to launch new products. The beauty brand Ethos – one of our most loyal customers – asked us to organise a press launch for a new collection of skincare products, targeting beauty bloggers and journalists specialising in cosmetics. It was an in-person and indoor event, so safety requirements were particularly important, but our aim was to make it first and foremost a memorable experience for all involved, to create a positive memory associated with the brand and to offer the press representatives the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the product in a pleasant, interesting, stimulating and unique way. We organised a press day for Ethos, and this is how it went.

A health-and-safety-focused press day

Since the focus of the entire event was on facial skincare, we invited Audrey, a cosmetics professional and facial fitness expert, as our guest of honour. We wanted to allow the journalists who attended not only to try the products themselves – an almost essential requirement for an event of this kind – but also to relax with a rare experience: a facial workout with a real ‘coach’. Afterwards, we offered all participants a special food box with healthy and natural products to match whole body wellness to facial skincare. The real question, on this occasion, was: how could we carry out such an event, in which the face and its movements were the centre of attention, and therefore incompatible with the need to wear masks indoors? In order to comply with the relevant regulations and ensure everyone’s safety, we decided to divide the space of our location into individual stations, each equipped with appropriate barriers, so as to isolate each participant in his or her own ‘bubble’ for the duration of the workout session. In this way, it was possible for everyone to comfortably experiment with facial exercise, try out the products and enjoy the snacks without risk and in full compliance with the applicable Covid regulations.

press day

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Details matter

The success of this kind of event depends on a number of different and complex factors. Safety, for instance, is paramount, but for the audience to have a good time, you have to find a way not to compromise on the quality of the event itself and its viability. Making an experience both safe and fun is no easy task, and the public greatly appreciates event planners going the extra mile to do it. The food box was also an instant success: gifts and snacks are always extremely welcome and health is a shared concern in the beauty community. Overall, the idea was to leave the participants with a pleasant and relaxing memory, but also offer them a constructive and entertaining experience.

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