Interview: Manuele Canu @ Milan Fashion Week 2019

Interview: Manuele Canu @ Milan Fashion Week 2019

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Written by Angela

The Milan Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated fashion events worldwide. Every year, Smart Eventi works with fashion brands, designers and creatives to launch new collections and organise catwalks and fashion shows. This year we were delighted to work with Manuele Canu, one of the most interesting designers in Italy. His Maison is relatively young (it’s been on the market since September 2018), but this bright, eclectic talent has already been making a name for himself, drawing attention from both the general public and the glittering scene of fashion professionals and influencers. His original reinterpretations of timeless classics, which get reinvented as benchmarks for modernity, are the talk of the fashion industry because Manuele Canu succeeds where many creatives before him have failed: striking a perfect balance of vintage elegance and absolute zeitgeist. We interviewed him after his fashion show at this year’s Milan Fashion Week – which we had the pleasure of organising.

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