Interview: Manuele Canu @ Milan Fashion Week 2019

Interview: Manuele Canu @ Milan Fashion Week 2019

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Written by Angela

The Milan Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated fashion events worldwide. Every year, Smart Eventi works with fashion brands, designers and creatives to launch new collections and organise catwalks and fashion shows. This year we were delighted to work with Manuele Canu, one of the most interesting designers in Italy. His Maison is relatively young (it’s been on the market since September 2018), but this bright, eclectic talent has already been making a name for himself, drawing attention from both the general public and the glittering scene of fashion professionals and influencers. His original reinterpretations of timeless classics, which get reinvented as benchmarks for modernity, are the talk of the fashion industry because Manuele Canu succeeds where many creatives before him have failed: striking a perfect balance of vintage elegance and absolute zeitgeist. We interviewed him after his fashion show at this year’s Milan Fashion Week – which we had the pleasure of organising.

You hail from Siniscola, in Sardinia, which is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Would you say that your hometown has influenced your collections?

There is a strong Sardinian influence in my collection. You can see it in the stark, outlandish chromatic contrasts and in the volumes of the collars, that echo some aspects of traditional Sardinian costumes.

You worked for international Maisons before starting your own brand. When did you know the time was right to launch your own collection and become an entrepreneur?

There was someone who always supported me and believed in me, and I am enormously grateful to them because they helped me get into the right frame of mind to attempt this and be successful. Being an entrepreneur, to me, means believing in myself, first and foremost. And also having a clear picture in one’s mind of every aspect of the enterprise. I believe a solid, practical plan is a vital element, without which no project can succeed. And it is also important to now allow oneself to be influenced by others.

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How do you react to unexpected glitches or accidents in the planning of a fashion show?

Well, it depends… it depends on the scope and consequences of the accident. I might freak out entirely, and tell everyone to get lost, or I might laugh about it and just come up with a creative solution to fix the problem at hand.

Do you work with an international team? How do you value the intercultural approach in the fashion industry?

My team is very diverse in terms of nationality because years of professional experience have taught me that having a multicultural perspective will always make a project better and more interesting.

From location scouting to event planning, what do you think is the most important part of organising a fashion show during the Milan Fashion Week?

I believe in minimalist set-ups and in venues that have a history, that tell a story. I do believe this combination to be the best possible framework for the kind of collection that I am interested in presenting. And working with Smart Eventi was an absolute pleasure: the whole team was helpful and made themselves constantly available, meeting all of our needs. I do hope we will work together again in the future!.

How do you see Maison Manuele Canu’s future?

Well, I hope it will be a successful one, always looking forward, without forgetting what I have left behind. And I just want to thank everyone. Thank you.

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Our team treasures the possibility of working with young and dynamic fashion brands, such as the Maison Manuele Canu. It is always a stimulating and interesting experience, that allows us to explore this fascinating industry from a variety of perspectives. Through everything we learn from events like this one, we improve the kind of service that we can provide for our clients, acquiring new ideas for future projects and looking forward to the next Milan Fashion Week to make them happen.

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