Team building in 2021: 3 activities that your employees will love
Team building and incentive travel

Team building in 2021: 3 activities that your employees will love

Team building in 2021
Written by Angela

It seems incredible to think that only a year ago all our core activities, such as team building, involved travel and gatherings. Our lives have changed and technology has helped us keep them interesting and exciting. Team building in 2021 will be one of the big challenges in our industry: we will need to find new and engaging ways to help our clients maintain a positive, productive professional environment and strong teams. At the same time, we will need to guarantee safety and social distancing, encourage responsible behaviour, and comply with the ever-changing set of Covid-related regulations. What can we expect from team building in 2021? We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular trends from overseas and have already started rolling out new programmes and activities. Find out which ones are best suited to your company and your colleagues!

Hybrid team building

As Covid rules and restrictions shift all over Europe, small gatherings are allowed again in some regions. Sometimes, however, a company has employees in several regions subject to different regulations. What can be done to ensure that those who have less freedom of movement do not feel excluded? Hybrid events are the solution. It is possible to plan activities in which one group of participants meets on location, ideally outdoors, while another group interacts remotely. Treasure hunts are a classic example, which can easily be adapted to this format: those at home can act as ‘navigators’ for those taking part in the event on location, providing directions and solving clues so that their companions can progress and win the game.

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Shorter, but highly interactive and “serial” experiences

We are learning a lot about digital events. One of the things that have been clear to us from the start is that Zoom calls can’t be as long as meetings. Our attention span when sitting at home in front of our laptop is, on average, much lower than the one we can hope to attain in the office, as we are subjected to endless distractions. And this doesn’t just apply to bored teenagers catching up on homework, but also to those who are still struggling to adapt to working from home. That’s why the trend in 2021 is to focus on creating shorter, but much more intense and interactive events that make the most of the initial attention spike. This does not mean devoting less time to team building, but managing it differently. For example, organising short sessions, to be offered in modules that can be spread over several days.

Virtual parties and challenges

Challenges are not just silly games your children play on TikTok. Adults can also enjoy setting themselves challenges to complete and hold each other accountable. One of our favourites is our newly introduced cocktail challenge, which allows us to turn team building into a virtual party, as you can end the session with a drink and relax with your colleagues, and above all by sharing a sensory experience in real-time. Because nothing brings people together like eating and drinking together. That’s why we created culinary team buildings and cocktail challenges: because we all need to know that we are sharing our experiences with others, to feel part of a group.

Final thoughts: team building in 2021 will be more creative

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and we are putting this adage into practice. A crisis, an unforeseen situation, requires us to tap into resources we didn’t think we had, to find new ways of doing things we’ve always done. Having fewer options is making us more resilient. This is why we firmly believe that team building in 2021 will be more interesting and creative than ever because it will make the best use of all the tools at our disposal.

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