Using a virtual event to connect with your team - interview with Giulia Boffi

Using a virtual event to connect with your team – interview with Giulia Boffi

Written by Angela

Extraordinary things happen in Milan. And like all extraordinary things, they do not happen on their own but rather as a result of a joint effort. A Digital Event, for instance, is enough to transform a company’s way of conveying its goals and, most importantly, strengthening the bonds within a newly formed team. We interviewed Giulia Boffi, Marketing Communication & Event Manager of ONE TEAM, with whom we worked on a Virtual Event recently.

What did you expect when you chose to create a Digital Event?

After so many years of running live events, we were forced to switch to digital ones a few months ago, because of the pandemic. At that point, I thought we needed something different, innovative, and I started scouting for new event formats. Of course, I had an idea in my head, but when I came across your concept, I was struck by how revolutionary your offer was. When I chose this route, I have to say that, despite my enthusiasm, I was consumed by uncertainty, wondering how the users would respond. Understandable doubts, but after all, I like to take risks and One Team believed in this project right from the start.

How was your experience with this new format?

Surprising! We weren’t expecting such positive feedback. We have increased the number of participants in the event by 80% compared to the thirteenth edition in 2019. We received a lot of positive feedback from participants and sponsors and now we can proudly say that we are the first Italian company in our field to have created a 100% virtual event.

The event scene is changing rapidly. New technologies allow us to continue to hold meetings like this while guaranteeing safety. As a marketing expert, how do you see the future of this industry? Will we continue to use these new tools even when they are no longer strictly necessary or will everything go back to the way it was before?

I have no crystal ball that would allow me to predict the future, but the past teaches us that those who do not evolve are left behind. In my opinion, not only will these tools continue to exist, but they will become increasingly popular. These times are putting us in a position to adapt to a “new normal” that will lead us to seek those values that have always characterized us as social beings, but we will not be able to do without the new technologies that are accompanying us.

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Every innovation represents a challenge. How do you face new challenges in your work?

Every time I find myself faced with a challenge I have to make choices and I don’t always have as much time as I would like. The first and hardest task is to study, plan, design a project, and present it to the client. Once I have gained their trust, I set myself goals that I try to achieve at all costs, with the support of my team – because teamwork is always crucial.

What do you think is the main quality that a marketer must have in order to cope successfully with these difficult times?

A good marketer must undoubtedly have the courage to take risks. Competition is ruthless and it’s not enough just to do the job, you have to be proactive and constantly look for new solutions to be one step ahead of the others.

What has been your experience with the Hypersmarter virtual event platform? Have you found significant differences between your usual events and this Digital Event?

Considering that these two things are very different from one another, I appreciated how technology has allowed users to move around in a space that contains all the same elements as a live event. Interactivity was the decisive factor because it reduced the negative aspect of not being able to interact in person. Moreover, the virtual event allowed the participation of those who could not otherwise have attended because it would have been impractical for them to travel long distances to get to the event venue.

What can you tell us about the experience of working with an event agency on such a new and unusual format?

Putting our needs in your hands was the best choice we made since we decided to organise our 2020 One Team User Meeting. When you think big you have to be aware of your limits and rely on experts to achieve your goals.

What is the most important feature you expect to find in an event organiser to work with on an event like this?

Everything I found in you all: professionalism, constant availability, determination, focus on the goal, engagement, the right tools to meet our needs. It felt like working with someone from within the company, rather than an external contractor.

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