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Digital conferences and hybrid formats: this is the future of the event industry

Written by Angela

Do you remember going to conferences and conventions in pre-covid times? Do you remember registering, queueing, then sitting in a conference room, listening to panels, and then waiting for the speakers to finish before asking questions, interacting, mingling? We might never experience events exactly that way again, but not necessarily for the reasons, you are thinking of. Safety has definitely become a more serious concern when it comes to gathering large groups of people for an event, but there’s more to it. The event industry has taken several giant evolutionary leaps, to adapt to the crisis, and it is unlikely to go back to what it was before, for one simple reason: it is better organised now than it ever was. We have developed and adapted technologies and organisational solutions that allow us to make corporate events much more effective, manageable, and interesting. We saw that recently, as we organised One Team’s digital “BIM&Manufacturing Conference”, during the Digital Innovation Days. We were able to create a digital environment that was so rich, engaging, and highly interactive, while still allowing attendees to join from the comfort of their own homes.

Creating a digital “venue”

Every event needs a venue. Digital ones are no exception. In this case, we are not talking about a virtual event, requiring a 3D environment, but we still needed to provide our attendees with a space in which to interact, equipped with rules and divided into areas that could be “inhabited” at different times and used for different purposes. In this case, we created an online platform, programmed to allow different activities and different interaction types. The participants, which included managers, sponsors, and various stakeholders, could use hashtags to select themes for conversation and engage with specific bits of content.

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Coordinating speakers, panels, and attendees

While the attendees joined the conference from home, most of the speakers and panelists convened in specific venues to stream their lectures. We took care of the logistics, providing a professional crew, setting up a studio at the company’s headquarters, and coordinating the live streams, ensuring an interactive experience for all attendees, while timing the creation of content to keep the platform usable and effective at all times. Each attendee could choose to consume content individually, react to it or interact with others using the social tools embedded in the platform.

Focusing on the experience: digital conferences are here to stay

Picture the outcome: attending conferences without having to travel without spending time on public transport or paying for accommodation. Better yet, holding a conference without having to manage the resources needed to operate a huge venue, focusing on online maintenance instead. This format will allow attendees to share the same content remotely, without compromising the interaction and the overall engagement.

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