DimmidiSì: innovation, made in Italy - Client Interview

DimmidiSì: innovation, made in Italy – Interview with communication manager Elena Iori

Written by Angela

La Linea Verde is one of Italy’s biggest producer of fresh, ready-to-eat vegetables (bagged salads, vegetable-based ready meals, and fresh beverages). They sell to other brands, as well as distributing under their own brand, DimmidiSì. It’s a modern and dynamic Italian food company, with deep roots in the country’s agricultural tradition, but a firmly European vision for future development and innovation. We got to know them as we organised a press day for them in one of our favourite event venues in Milan, a modern and multifunctional space, in which La Linea Verde presented their new selection of fresh ready meals and their new line of vegetable soups. After the event, we chatted with Elena Tiziana Iori, communication manager at DimmidiSì.

The food industry is seeing multiple trends come and go at an increasing speed: meals need to be practical, healthy, tasty, to be consumed at home, on the go or in the workplace. How do you keep up with each new trend without losing your brand values?

We are all about combining fresh, tasty, quality food with excellent service. It is our mission to offer vegetable-based options, to meet the needs of the modern consumer, who requires an increased amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, who is conscious about healthy eating but doesn’t necessarily have time to cook quality meals.

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What’s DimmidiSì’s approach to innovation?

Innovation is in our DNA. It’s a way of thinking, it’s how we approach every aspect of our business. We try to apply it to everything we do, and especially to the development of new products. La Linea Verde invests in innovation and continuously monitors trends in consumer behaviour both in Italy and abroad. We also invest in R&D, marketing and new technologies, to deliver fresh, ready and innovative vegetable-based meals to our customers. This is the strategy that brought us, in just over ten years, to change the outlook of the refrigerated food aisles in most Italian supermarkets. We created new product categories (such as our puree and our fresh vegetable soups) that gained traction on the Italian market.

Your new DimmidiSì soups are going to wow the Italian audiences with a range of flavours inspired by Asian traditions. What made you decide to launch this new product?

Our new Oriental soups are the most recent result of our constant research into consumer trends and our effort to develop products to meet our audiences’ needs. This particular line of soups was created for a new target audience, younger than our usual one, comprising millennials and Gen Z.

What were your expectations for this event in Milan?

Press days like this one are essential to us. It is a special time, in which we get to establish a privileged relationship with the press (mostly consumer media, but also trade press representatives). We use this yearly appointment to touch base with the media and to allow them to sample our new products. We always have high expectations: we expect a full house and a flawless event. We need journalists to have an overall positive and enjoyable experience to associate with DimmidiSì. Since this year’s focus was on our latest range of soups, we needed them to stand out, while also giving adequate exposure to our other hero products. The event was everything we could have wished for.

You have been known to plan your own events in the past. How do you feel about outsourcing your event planning, as you did with us in Milan?

Working with you made everything easier and smoother. Your local knowledge was essential to find the perfect venue, one that matched our needs exactly and was easy for our attendees to reach. Your organisational support was also precious, particularly when dealing with external services such as catering and logistics. We received amazing support from your team.

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