Organising a fashion show during a pandemic: our project for Labric Studio

How to organise a fashion show during a pandemic: our project for Labric Studio

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Written by Angela

None of us will forget 2020: it was a tough year, especially for those of us who organise events for a living. But our clients, too, have had to readjust their way of living and working, like everyone else, while continuing to run their businesses. It hasn’t always been easy, but this challenge has pushed us to come up with creative solutions, finding new ways to do things we had always taken for granted. One of the most interesting challenges we faced, for instance, was the organising of a fashion show for our long-time client Labric Studio. And the question, of course, was how to organise a fashion show during a pandemic. That’s how we managed it, during the Milan Fashion Week in September 2020.

The venue: a stylish open space

The first problem we had to face, of course, was the venue. The circumstances of this event were so unique, that we couldn’t just worry about finding a venue that was stylistically appropriate for the brand, classy, and large enough. Organising a fashion show during a pandemic required us to pay attention to other aspects as well, such as social distancing. That’s why we chose the inner courtyard of an elegant historical Milanese building close to the Duomo, which allowed us both to stay outdoors for most of the event and to create an intimate and exclusive atmosphere. Of course, for the occasion, we halved the official capacity of the location, accommodating only half the number of people who can normally attend events in that space.

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Safety measures: Covid tests, hygiene, and social distancing

An absolutely essential aspect of organising the event was, of course, strict compliance with all mandatory health and safety regulations. All our staff and all the models taking part in the fashion show were tested shortly before the event and, while the models were allowed not to wear masks during the actual catwalk, all our staff kept their noses and mouths covered throughout the event and observed very strict social distancing rules. All rooms were sanitised and surfaces disinfected after each use. The audience was seated according to precise spacing rules and required to wear a mask at all times during the event. Besides, we placed the seats so that the guests could enjoy the show with their backs to each other, thus increasing the safety of the entire event.

Liling Zhang for Labric Talent: young designers in the spotlight

It is important to remember that organising a fashion show during a pandemic is not just about masks and safety, but also about style, about the message of the event itself, the aesthetics, and the value of the collections being presented. This show in particular was part of the Labric Talent project, a format created by designer Liling Zhang, whose aim is to give space to some of the most talented young designers of our time. In this case, four young creatives were able to make a name for themselves and showcase their creations during the event. The show was a success, especially because the focus, for once, was not on fear and concerns for the current situation, but on fashion, beauty, and the future.

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