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Green and sustainability

The circular economy: an opportunity for financial growth

esempi di economia circolare
Written by Angela
In a circular economy, products are designed to be recycled instead of being thrown away. This means that the materials used in manufacturing can be reused in other products or converted into energy (this is particularly true for biomasses). By making this shift, we can reduce waste and pollution while creating jobs for people who work in recycling and reuse industries. Leading companies such as Nestle, Renault, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation are embracing circularity, which is a concept that has gained traction in the business world in recent years. It involves creating a sustainable economic system that is more efficient than traditional linear models and reduces waste while creating new job opportunities, as well as being extremely beneficial in terms of communication and promotion. Transitioning to a circular economy may be worth €4.1 trillion by 2030, according to the World Economic Forum. The International Labour Office estimates that it could create up to six million jobs worldwide.
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